This Diablo III B-Roll video came within the Press Kit provided to Blizzplanet by Blizzard Entertainment at BlizzCon 2011.

In this video you can see all the five classes and respective genders clash against different monsters and demons in Act 1, after the defeat of the Skeleton King.

There are some familiar faces such as the Tomb Viper, the Khazra (Goatmen), Scavengers, Gnarled Walkers (Treant-like), Dark Cultists, and others who escape my memory.

This video is awesome. The sound quality when the female barbarian is smashing things gives the impression that players with a 7.1 surround system are going to activate all car alarms around the block.

There are a few spells in this B-Roll I hadn’t seen before. Take a look at the Witch Doctor and the Demon Hunter for instance. The beastiary as well, there are a few creatures I haven’t seen before.

00:20 – the Barbarian slashing through a pack of Tomb Vipers who unburrow from the ground inside a dungeon.

00:27 – The Barbarian leaps to attack a giant and bulky bull-like creature straight from a Star Wars film, and some Khazra goatmen.

00:50 — wow, those bulky creatures actually look the part. Like a bull, from half the screen it started to scratch the ground with one leg, and charged at warp ten against the female Demon Hunter. In short, keep your eyes peeled, or you gonna get the horns.

It has a signature that tells you it’s about to charge from afar. It exhales a very long string of steam from its nose in the direction it’s going to charge. Barely a second to move out of its path.

1:00 – there’s a weird Witch Doctor spell that summons three bear-like bulky creatures that dig out of the ground and as they approach their target disintegrate into green goo causing damage. Resembles the Stampede animation, just these disintegrate.

1:20 – this is one of those rare times when we see the Wizard overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

2:18 – The female Demon Hunter fights in what looks like a cave with a lava river. She’s fleeing these scorpion-spider hybrid things

Around 2:25, you can see a very tall zombie-like monster with sort of totems on his shoulderpads. It’s attacking the undead … a Witch Doctor minion to do your bidding.

The giant toad can be seeing swallowing a mob at 2:30. Wait, I thought the Witch Doctor would be the one transforming into a giant toad. Probably my bad. The tall zombie minion is in that scene again too, and in the next mission as well crushing giant spiders.

At the end the female Monk is kickin Scavenger ass. You can see their burrowing animation.