I see someone necro’ed a forum thread linking to my old article titled Blizzcon 2007: Faces of Blizzcon.  The old link is now broken, but you can find the article here.  It collected photos of some of the developers and CMs that would be at Blizzcon that year.

On 2009, most of them are coming back again, so it wouldn’t hurt to check out the faces.  I remember walking through a bunch of people to reach the press room.  Right in front of me I recognized Eyonix from the photo I posted.  Stopped him to say hi briefly, and shook hands.  Told him who I was and from which fansite. It was pretty nice.

On another note, Richard A. Knaak will be back and forth between the Tokyopop and Pocket Books booth.  I met Christie Golden again on June 13 at Huntington, New York.  There I interviewed her on video about Starcraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight.  She told me she was going to be at Blizzcon.  Currently, the pocket books publisher is attempting to secure a interview spot with both of them.  If Blizzard approves it, I will get a schedule for the interview soon.

I will ask about World of Warcraft: Stormrage (we already got a sneak peek from Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson back on February). Also about World of Warcraft: Dragons of Outland. Probably about Warcraft Legends Vol. 4-5.  I will probe if we can get any details of the untitled and unannounced Warcraft trilogy by Christie Golden.

Feel free to post below in the comments any questions you may have about all these books and mangas.