Bashiok recently encouraged fans to watch the Jace Hall Webshow on January 29th for a feature with the Diablo III team. Fans watched the Season 3 Teaser featured at IGN and surprise-surprise. At minute 2:16 (720i) you will see a short frame with Jace Hall, Dustin Browder and the Starcraft II team toasting with beer bottles — and while that’s cool on its own, the background shows a large projection of interface with the words:


I don’t know about you, but I am gonna camp that Activision Blizzard Fourth Quarter 2009 Earnings Conference Call to find out if Mike Morhaime says the sweet words: the official Starcraft II Beta date.

Thanks, quantum and LordofAscension

Update: 26th Jan 2010
The Twitter feed express Blizzard’s well wishes for Jace:

Blizzard Quote:
The Jace Hall Show Season 3 Teaser looks beautiful! Come back soon Jace, we miss you!