Blizzard Wants Your BarCraft Details for WCS Season 1 Edition

Blizzard Entertainment is really attacking eSports big time since the acquisition of the IGN Pro League. Jacqueline Geller (Blizzard eSports Network Coordinator) is spear-heading the gathering of data about upcoming BarCraft events which plan to celebrate the WCS Season 1 and the WCS Regional Finals.

It’s not a bad idea to organize yourself one of these at your local bar or restaurant. Or if you own a bar, equip it with a big screen and internet access.

Look at the new bar in United Kingdom named Meltdown London. It hasn’t even opened yet and it’s gotten a lot of press — and that translates into good and free advertisement for your business. Meltdown London opens on June 1st.

Are you interested in joining other eSports enthusiasts to watch a live stream of professional StarCraft II action? The first WCS Regional Finals and Season Finals are on the horizon, and there is no better time to host a BarCraft event!

A BarCraft event is a gathering of individuals in a public setting such as a pub or restaurant for the purpose of viewing live or pre-recorded StarCraft II competition while enjoying some good grub (hopefully) and good company (hopefully). Do you have an awesome public location that would be great for watching StarCraft II with your friends?



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