Update: Blizzard announced the all-new Scroll of Resurrection feature.

  • A single character immediately boosted all the way to level 80DING!
  • A FREE upgrade to Cataclysm — regardless of your friend’s original box level
  • An optional FREE character move — to your realm and faction so you can play together
  • 7 FREE days of game timeavailable immediately

World of Warcraft Fansites got word Blizzard Entertainment is preparing to make an imminent “Big” announcement very soon. All eyes should be on the official World of Warcraft website this week to find out the mystery.

A week from now Blizzard Entertainment will host a World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria press event in their studios in Irvine, CA. Blizzplanet is among the fansites invited to this press event.

However, the NDA will be lifted on March 19th. Thus, this campaign teaser is likely unrelated.

The mysterious announcement will be made in upcoming days. The image teaser heralding the announcement shows two spectral flying mounts: Wyvern (Horde) and Gryphon (Alliance). The text accompanying the image: “Soon we fly together again…”

The teaser image spawns several rumors. A fan came up with an intriguing rumor: A Blood Elf and a Night Elf flying together. Cross-faction gameplay?

Some of the main highlights of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria are the PvE Scenarios, PvE Battlegrounds, and Challenge Mode Dungeons. Could real life friends who play Horde and Alliance team-up to play one of these new features?

Read more about these features in our BlizzCon 2011 Panels transcript archive. Other rumors include the return of Scroll of Resurrection, and the Recruit-A-Friend promotion.

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