After the gates of Mists of Pandaria info were opened through the press event, Blizzard updated the Mists of Pandaria website with some extra cool info and media.

In addition, Bashiok posted a new blog article titled A Night in Mists of Pandaria.

This article is a bit of a teaser with Bashiok telling a progression story about his personal gameplay.

There are bits of info there that are worthwhile. For example:

  • New cooking specialization.
  • More archeology dig sites per zone.
  • An archeology artifact used to teleport? Huh?
  • Wands and Staves made via Inscription profession?
  • New cooking, fishing and archaeology faction daily quests.
  • Elder Tokens: Used to purchase items, convert Elder Tokens into Valor Tokens, or to buy some sort of reset that allows you to have access to another round of loot table from a downed boss you were saved.
  • Per-player-loot via Raid Finder
  • Dungeon challenges and PvE Scenarios reward Valor points.
  • Proving Grounds are lored-up solo instances.
  • Trained Pets (Pet Battle System) can be sold in the Auction House
  • Outdoor PvP daily quests
  • Two new Battlegrounds: Temple of Kotmogu (Uldum) and Silvershard Mines (Stranglethorn Vale)
  • New Mounts hidden around in Pandaria
  • Farmville comes to Pandaria: Build your farm, get neat stuff by cultivating your garden including a pet
  • Raise a cloud serpent pet into a mount (20 days of daily quests)
  • Build historical library with the Lorewalker faction