Cryptozoic Entertainment is gearing up to launch the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game expansion, Tomb of the Forgotten on June 12th.

Themed around World of Warcraft: Cataclysm’s Uldum, Tomb of the Forgotten brings new Loot Cards to redeem in-game: White Camel, Sand Scarab and the Spurious Sarcophagus.

Cryptozoic sent us a sneak peek preview of one of the cards: Siamat, Lord of the South Wind.

Check out the World of Warcraft TCG: Tomb of the Forgotten gallery here.

If you have questions about the Tomb of the Forgotten expansion, post them here or by email. I’ll forward it to Cryptozoic Entertainment to get the answer.

Discover the secrets of Uldum, unlock the power of the mysterious Tol’vir, and conquer your enemies in the Tomb of the Forgotten!

The third and final set in the Aftermath block gives Monster fans more tools than ever. Unleash the power of the Tol’vir Monsters, and utterly destroy your foes with the new Sentinel mechanic, which lets you double up on attack or defense. The Monster hero line-up is completed in this set, as players gain access to monstrous new Priest, Rogue, and Paladin heroes. But if you want to get creative, explore the endless possibilities with new dual-class Monster heroes! Murloc, Ogre, and Demon fans will also have plenty to get excited about.

Three new World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game Loot cards will also make their debut in Tomb of the Forgotten. Uncover Sand Scarab pets, or unlock the Spurious Sarcophagus trinket. And finally, lucky fans who open up a rare White Camel mount will be traveling the deserts of Uldum in style!

The treasures of Uldum will be uncovered this June!

15 game cards per pack; 36 packs per box

Epic Collection

The Tomb of the Forgotten Epic Collection not only comes with six boosters of the new expansion. it’s also the perfect purchase for collectors and new players alike! You’ll get all of the following with the Epic Collection:

  • 6 Tomb of the Forgotten Booster Packs
  • 1 Tomb of the Forgotten Playmat and Deckbox
  • Collectible storage box with class dividers
  • 1 Loot card
  • Tomb of the Forgotten visual pocket guide
  • 5 random foil Tomb of the Forgotten heroes

Pick up a Tomb of the Forgotten Epic Collection, and you’ll even get a Loot card from the new set! The Epic Collections are a great way to get into the game, and offer plenty of great looking swag for your gaming experience!


Sand Scarab

Fresh from Uldum, the Sand Scarab is jumping out of the scorching sands of the desert and into your pet collection! This skittering little guy will follow alongside you, scaling every pebble, plant, bush, and stepping stone that gets in its way! Okay, maybe a bush is too big for the little guy. Imagine if the scarab had to climb something like a mailbox. That thing’s like a monolith to your new little pet!

Loot Facts

  • This pet is bind-on-pickup
  • Counts towards pet achievements
  • Relive fond memories of Zul’farrak and all of its scarabs every time you look at this little fella
  • Common Loot from Tomb of the Forgotten

White Camel

You wouldn’t want to put your Nightsaber, Kodo, Raptor, Elekk, or Dreadsteed through the heat of the desert in Uldum, would you? Leave your regular mount back at the stables and hop onto one more fitting for the environment! The White Camel is the perfect ride for navigating the pyramids and hidden secrets of Uldum, and it looks great parked outside of Orgrimmar or Stormwind as well!

Loot Facts

  • Counts toward mount achievements
  • Scales with max ground riding speed
  • Rare Loot card from Tomb of the Forgotten

Spurious Sarcophagus

Imagine that your party stumbles upon a hidden tomb in Uldum, and in it they find perilous dangers, traps, and treasure. They venture inside, finding the sarcophagus of a lost leader from a distant time. They open it and find…you! The Spurious Sarcophagus lets you conceal yourself for up to five minutes. The sarcophagus will make sounds effects as it opens and closes in slow and dramatic fashion!

Loot Facts

  • Lasts 5 minutes
  • Special sounds effects play when the sarcophagus opens and closes
  • Gives you an amusing debuff while inside
  • Uncommon Loot card from Tomb of the Forgotten