Looks like the hypothesis that a Starcraft II Beta announcement might happen on February 10 might have some weight. A day before the Activision Blizzard’s 2009 fourth quarter conference call, Blizzard has posted the all new Battle.net preview:

“Battle.net is about to undergo the greatest update in its long and storied history as one of the world’s most successful online gaming services.”

The preview page contains

  • A video interview with Greg Canessa (project director Battle.net)
  • The always-connected experience of Battle.net

    Battle.net and StarCraft II are seamlessly interwoven into one experience with persistent characters and features.

  • Competitive Arena for everyone

    Matchmaking and online multiplayer modes that are more intelligent and more accessible for a wider audience.

  • Connecting the Blizzard Community

    Set up your Blizzard Entertainment social network with better friend management functionality and other social gaming components.

  • Mod Support

    Full support for community-created mods that will constantly evolve the StarCraft II online experience.