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StarCraft: Secret Missions

OMGah! Blizzplanet’s radars this month have been full of bogeys! From the pen of New York Times Best Selling Author Christie Golden, a new StarCraft II tie-in novel will land upon a bookstore or online library near you.

Christie has been very busy writing for the IP universes of Blizzard Entertainment these past two years:

Christie Golden is currently writing StarCraft: Secret Missions due April 10, 2012. It’s a Hardcover containing 320 pages. Does the novel somewhat slates an approximate release date for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm? Does the title “Secret Missions” implies anything to do with that StarCraft: Brood War secret mission with Duran and Zeratul? Or does it explore further past missions of Jim Raynor? We are still several months away to learn the book description, but I can tell you I’m excited with this new title.

We have added StarCraft: Secret Missions to our 2011 Blizzard Products Release Dates page. We will inform when pre-orders, the book description or front cover image become available.

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