Browsing through the latest auctions, I found something some collectors might want to check out. There were only 1250 replicas of the Sideshow Collectibles StarCraft II Tychus Findlay statue. According to the ebay lister, this replica is #0140/1250. In addition, 7 StarCraft action figures.

Item Description

Items: Up for sale is a MASSIVE collection of rare StarCraft action figures + licensed Tychus Findlay Statue!!! Figures included:

1. Loose figures, all in great condition used for display purposes only:

  • Raynor noob still has the original box and comes with a gauss rifle.
  • Tassadar figure has the sword
  • Protoss zealot has both psi-blades
  • Zerg hydralisk (older version), had no original accessories
  • Terran marine comes with a fire extinguisher, oxygen tanks, lights, and a gauss rifle
  • Terran firebat comes with large flame tanks
  • Small zerg hydralisk figure is unpainted

2. MOC (Mint on card, i.e. new) figures:

  • Terran Marine 1998
  • Zerg Hydralisk 1998
  • Protoss Zealot 1998
  • Tassadar Toycom 2001
  • Zerg Hydralisk Toycom 2001

There’s a second (stand-alone) StarCraft II Tychus Findlay statue available.

**Beware fake or counterfeit products in auctions. Always check the location of the seller and use common sense. If you are in USA, and the seller is from Asia or the product is listed to be made of resin, chances are it’s a counterfeit product.