Daelo informed recently at the Wow Raids & Dungeons official forum the dev team hotfixed the Archimonde encounter at Mount Hyjal in Caverns of Time.  However, more fixes will be implemented in the upcoming patch 2.2.

Daelo: “In an effort to apply some of our upcoming 2.2 changes in a more expedited manner, we’re hotfixing some elements of the Archimonde encounter. Not every planned change to Archimonde could be hotfixed, the other announced changes will occur with the release of patch 2.2.

The following hotfix changes are now live:

  • Archimonde now casts fear in a bit more consistent manner, roughly every 40 seconds.
  • Fear’s cast time is now 1.5 seconds.
  • Grip of the Legion now has only a 60 yard range.
  • Red Soul Charge now only silences players for 4 seconds.

The planned changes for Mother Shahraz could not be hotfixed, but we are working to resolve via hotfix the timing issue with Essence of Desire’s Rune Shield and Spirit Shock. Working on that fix, we discovered that Rune Shield wasn’t actually absorbing any damage. We’re also working to fix that error. Since the Rune Shield is normally removed quickly, Essence of Desire still won’t get much benefit out of the effect. Mages who Spell Steal the effect will be quite a bit happier, however.”

UPDATE: Daelo: “The hotfix for Essence of Desire that was described above is now live.”