A widespread alert has been issued to prevent fans from falling to a hoax email that impersonates a normal Blizzard email. This email invites you to join the World of Warcraft: Emerald Dream expansion Alpha Test. Be very cautious and do not click any links in that email to prevent keyloggers, trojan horses or malware. The purpose of these emails is to hi-jack your account by providing your account name and password.

Vaneras: We currently have no beta(or alpha) tests running for future expansion packs, so emails claiming to invite you to such a beta(or alpha) is a scam!

Blizzard email or scam email? Not sure? Then please take a moment to read this thread:

I will repeat that we will never ask for your password!

However, you will of course need to enter your login information if you need to log into our sites. Scam mails are designed to fool you by imitating the official emails we sometimes send out, like the ones we sent out when we were running the TBC and WotLK beta tests, but those scam mails never link to our sites. If you receive an email that is supposedly an invite to a beta test, be sure to check if it links to our administration pages or beta invite and upgrade pages:

If you are still not sure that an email is authentic, then please contact us through our webform to ask for confirmation: