Ain’t you go all geeked up when you meet that person you love to watch or listen to in the movies? Or to get an autograph from your favorite writer? Now tell me you ain’t gonna go all OMG, hand-shaking and telling a voice actor how much you enjoyed his/her role as a voice actor in a video game …

Err, alright. You are indeed a geek. And I am your geek celebrity stalker bringing you the latest news of upcoming appearances — be it panels or autograph schedules.

Voice actress Laura Bailey (Secrets of Ulduar, Lady Jaina Proudmoore) is attending the 2010 Sac-Con (Sacramento’s Comic Book & Toy Show) on December 12th as a special guest.

Send us your photo or video with the voice actress if you attend the event. We’ll post it in the front page.

The event will take place at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento, California. Admission to the show is $6.00.

You may not know, but she landed her first gig as a voice actress with her role as Kid Trunks for the Dragonball Z series. Just to name a few of her posterior roles: Lust in Full Metal Alchemist, Rayne in BloodRayne, Chun Li in Street Fighter IV, Toki in Naruto, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight as E.V.A., Final Fantasy XIII as Serah Farron, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as Dahlia Gillespie.

General directions by car, train or bus to arrive to the Sac-Con may be found here.

The Scottish Rite Center (Map)
6151 H Street
Sacramento, CA 95819
Across from Sacramento State University

Career Background

Video Games

Aeon Flux – Una/ various
Ar tonelico II:Melody of Metafalica – Luca
Bloodrayne 1 and 2 – Rayne
Command & Conquer 4 – EVA
Dawn of Mana – Ritzia
Deus Ex II:The Invisible War – Alex D
Disgaea 3:Absence of Justice – Raspberyl
Dragonball Z – Kid Trunks/ Kid Dende
Final Fantasy 13 – Serah Farron
Final Fantasy:Crystal Bearers – Belle
Final Fantasy:Dissidia – Cloud of Darkness
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock – various
Ghostbusters – Spider Queen/ various
Infinite Undiscovery – Dominica/ Svala/ Faina/ Leif
Klonoa – Hewpoe
Naruto:Clash Of Ninja Revolution 2 – Komachi/Anko
Nier – Kaine
One Piece:Unlimited Adventure – Pepper
Persona 3 Portable – Female Player
Persona 4 – Rise
Resident Evil:The Darkside Chronicles – Sherry
Roadkill – Sextalk DJ/ various
Sakura Wars: So Long My Love – Gemini
Silent Hill:Shattered Memories – Dahlia
Spikeout:Battlestreet – Min Hua
Spyborgs – Clandestine
Star Ocean 4:The Last Hope – Reimi/ Welch
Streetfighter IV – Chun-Li
Tales of Symphonia:Dawn of a New World – Marta
Tales of Vesperia – Gauche
The Sims: Medieval – Sim
Valkyria Chronicles – Isara Gunther
WoW:The Secrets of Ulduar – Jaina Proudmoore


Aquarion – Tsugumi
Basilisk – Oboro
Bleach – Mashiro/ Halibel
Blue Gender – Marlene
BECK – Hiromi
Case Closed – Serena
Claymore – Jean
Code Geass – Rakshata, Chiba, young Suzaku
Darker Than Black – Amber
Diamond Daydreams – Hanna
Dragonball – Chi Chi/ Ranfan
Dragonball Z – Kid Trunks/ Kid Dende
Fruits Basket – Tohru
Fullmetal Alchemist – Lust
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Lust
Galaxy Railways – Layla
Glass Fleet – Michael
Gunslinger Girl – Henrietta
Hell Girl – Mayumi
Hellsing Ultimate – Schrodinger
Kiddy Grade – Alv
Kodocha – Sana
Kurokami – Kuro
Lupin the 3rd: Dragon of Doom – Kikyo
Lupin the 3rd: Farewell to Nostradamus – Julia
Monster High – Lagoona Blue
MoonPhase – Hiromi
Mushishi – Sui
Naruto – Anko/ Toki/ Fuuka
Negima – Evangeline/ Ayaka
One Piece – Conis
Origin: Spirits of the Past – Minka
Ouran Host Club – Kanako
Resident Evil: Degeneration – Angela Miller
Ragnorak – Wolfaya
Sakura Taisen: Ecole de Paris – Jester
Samurai 7 – Hazuki
School Rumble – Tsugumi
Shigurui – Mie
Shin Chan – Shin
Solty Rei – Sylvia
Soul Eater – Maka
Space Chimps 2 – Kilowatt
Spiral – Ryoko
Suzuka – Suzune
Tactics – Rosalie
Tsubaba – Xing Huo/ Primera
Yu Yu Hakusho – Keiko