Win A Gamer Kit & Video Cards with IncGamers

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Some network news for you this evening. IncGamers has a great competition up and running where there’s a Philips Games Kit, copies of Imperium Romanum Gold and Galactic Civilizations Ultimate Edition as well as an Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 3850 / 512MB DDR3 / AGP 8X / Graphics Card up for grabs. The competition is open to UK gamers only and all you need to do is post a comment in the IncGamers forum competition thread. Full details on how to enter can be found here on IncGamers.

Blizzplanet Contest: Win a Razer Glathius Mat

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Blizzplanet is holding a new contest, courtesy of Razerzone. The contest ends on Friday, December 5th, 2008 at 11:59 EST (NY). To take a screenshot press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard. You can locate it within your World of Warcraft folder inside the screenshots folder. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Take a screenshot of your character standing next to the leader of the Sons of Hodir in Storm Peaks.
2. Attach it and submit your character’s name and server.
3. Email it to Garona2004 at yahoo

Prize: Razer Goliathus Speed Edition

  • Advanced Cloth Weave For Unbridled Speed And Effortless Control

  • Pixel-Precise Targeting And Tracking
  • Optimized For All Mouse Sensitivity Settings And Sensor Types
  • Oversized 444mm X 355mm X 4.3mm Design / Standard 355mm X 254mm X 4mm Design / Space-efficient 270mm x 215mm x 4mm Design
  • Rubber Base For A Secure Grip On Smooth Surfaces

Slick Cloth Weave
The Razer Goliathus Speed Edition

RSS Returns

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BlizzPlanet fans who were using our RSS feed can now grab the new site feed here. Plug this into your favourites reader or script for all the latest BlizzPlanet updates.

World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon - Fans Spoilers Chat

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The World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon novel by Richard A. Knaak hit bookstores on November 18. It’s been nearly two weeks, and most fans have read through the book. Lore fans are invited to discuss the book’s storyline and to share opinions and ideas. We will peel off this novel to analyze what it may foreshadow to the lore and to World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (MMO). Unconfirmed rumor might be spawn from this novel that the next content patch could be a Grim Batol dungeon.

There are a few details in the novel that clearly marks the time-frame the events happen in. Anveena’s sacrifice at the Sunwell Plateau is mentioned by an angry Kalecgos who shoved it at Krasus, blaming him.

This is mostly a fans chat with full spoilers. Only attend if you have read the book, or don’t mind spoilers, or the book won’t be available in your country for a long time and you wish to learn more of its content.

The fans chat will take place on Sunday, November 30 at 1:00 pm EST (New York) or 6pm (UK).

Site Update

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As you can see there have been quite a few changes here on BlizzPlanet. Currently we are sifting through all the old site content and getting it sorted into the correct sections. This will take a bit of time so we thank you for your patience in advance. Next I would encourage you all to become registered members here at BlizzPlanet. With the introduction of a proper comment system, now is your chance to post your opinions and get involved. In the future membership will offer perks such as entry into contests run on the site. Your feedback on the new site is also welcome so please post any feedback or comments on the changes in this post’s comments.

Blizzplanet’s Razer Drawing Contest

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Celebrating the release of the expansion, this is a drawing contest for all fans playing the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. All you need to do to participate is to complete both questions below and submiting the corresponding screenshots.

1. What did you enjoy the most in the continent of Northrend?
2. Attach a screenshot of the area or location in Northrend you enjoyed the most.

Prize: Razer Goliathus / Speed Edition – Medium Size (High precision mousepad
for both high and low sensitivity users)

Deadline: November 20th, 11:59pm EST (New York).

Submit your entry to the following email address.

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What Sort of Thing Would You Love To Read In Future WoW Books?

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What sort of things would you like to see in future WoW books? (10/18/2008)
Powered by: CoveritLive
Blizzplanet:  The Lore chat will start very soon in two hours at 5:00pm. You can catch up anytime. I am hoping to chat for a minimum of three hours. The topic is What sort of thing would you like to see in future World of Warcraft books?

However, fans can also suggest Starcraft or Diablo books. If you really wish Blizzard and Pocket Star Books or Tokyopop to tell the story of certain stage in the past of Azeroth, Koprulu sector, or Sanctuary—feel free to submit your suggestion and discuss yours and others’ ideas.

2:50 [Standby]  Chat starting at 5:00pm
Blizzplanet:  alrite, let’s commence

[Comment From Mike]
Ok, first idea: Kerrigan’s past and how she came to serve Mengsk.
Blizzplanet:  I think this one was covered in Starcraft: Uprising
[Comment From Silverfall]
Hello MD.  How are you doing?
[Comment From PsiSeveredHead]
Personally, I think Infested Stukov needs to be covered.
Blizzplanet:  Doing alright. Almost didn’t make it. Got carried away playing Half-Life 2: Deathmatch ;p
Blizzplanet:  Infested Stukov, that’s a good idea. In the SCLegacy Q&A, Metzen said that Starcraft N64 mission was canon.
[Comment From Hawki]
IT was
[Comment From PsiSeveredHead]
Hardly anyone knows about him, he’s only been in that mission in a game hardly anyone played (Resurrection IV), and many people don’t realize it’s canon, either.
[Comment From Hawki]
Sorry, missed a bit. Anyway, I formulated a list of suggestions:
[Comment From Mike]
Argh, I haven’t read that one. ^^
[Comment From PsiSeveredHead]
And who is Kaloth, and how, as a Cerebrate, is he still alive?
[Comment From Hawki]

-Is there any chance of the events of the First War being told in novel format, similar to how the Second War received such treatment from Rosenberg and Golden? The Last Guardian was set in the timeframe, but it was something in the background rather than a main plot point for the most part.

-Is there any chance of a story actually set during World of Warcraft? Cycle of Hatred acted as a prelude to WoW, Rise of the Horde served as backstory for BC

Broken Links Alert and Temporary Solution

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You have reached a content page at BlizzPlanet from another website.

The pages were moved a couple of years ago. If you don’t find your page, you can likely find the article typing the article’s title in the search engine. Or by browsing the right navigation menu in the front page.  If you can’t find the page, you can contact me at:

Let me know what the old URL looked like—for example:  /content/700  or /news/700 or ?act=News&id=700.  I will contact you back with the new link to said page. Sounds good? I check up my email often, so I will get back to you shortly.

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