I got two videos from my adventures in Cataclysm that I will show off later today [Sunday]. Likely late afternoon or in the evening.

One is definitely the most hilarious questline ever in World of Warcraft. The other one is much more important for all Warcraft lore followers. About a quest concerning a pure black dragon egg, and its ties to a upcoming novel not yet officially announced. If you wanna learn more, check us back to watch the videos and read the article.

I am very, very intrigued and excited about the potential of this new storyline and where Chris Metzen and the Creative Team are stepping up things in a surprising direction. This was definitely hinted at BlizzCon 2010.

Update: Alright, found the proper trigger that starts the questline. Do the quests at Fuselight in Badlands. It’s at the mountaintop by Lethor Ravine. I will upload the video in a few hours.

Update 2: Finished the questline. Gee, it’s longer than I thought. Took me a few hours to finish them. Now comes the hard part. Putting together all this video clips and uploading them. Those who wish to play through all these quests go to Fuselight in Badlands. It’s true. The red dragonflight is machinating a plan to create a pure black dragon to make it be the new Aspect of Earth.