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Blizzplanet Alert – Nov 28 2010

I got two videos from my adventures in Cataclysm that I will show off later today [Sunday]. Likely late afternoon or in the evening.

One is definitely the most hilarious questline ever in World of Warcraft. The other one is much more important for all Warcraft lore followers. About a quest concerning a pure black dragon egg, and its ties to a upcoming novel not yet officially announced. If you wanna learn more, check us back to watch the videos and read the article.

I am very, very intrigued and excited about the potential of this new storyline and where Chris Metzen and the Creative Team are stepping up things in a surprising direction. This was definitely hinted at BlizzCon 2010.

Update: Alright, found the proper trigger that starts the questline. Do the quests at Fuselight in Badlands. It’s at the mountaintop by Lethor Ravine. I will upload the video in a few hours.

Update 2: Finished the questline. Gee, it’s longer than I thought. Took me a few hours to finish them. Now comes the hard part. Putting together all this video clips and uploading them. Those who wish to play through all these quests go to Fuselight in Badlands. It’s true. The red dragonflight is machinating a plan to create a pure black dragon to make it be the new Aspect of Earth.

Blizzplanet’s Back and Kicking

Server transition has been completed and Blizzplanet is back online in an independent server. Some links might be broken here and there, but they will be taken care of. Bad news, forums won’t be back for a while. Apologies for the downtime, and the sudden move. I no longer work as a staff of the network, thus Blizzplanet moved away from their servers.

I strongly believe in supporting Blizzard licensed products without conditions, or whether it causes conflicts of interest. My commitment is strong toward keeping a good relationship with each of these companies, and Blizzard Entertainment. It’s been that way since 2002 when Blizzplanet was born.

Blizzplanet is a strong supporter of licensed Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo product writers, editors and publishers. What makes Blizzplanet different or unique is our constant flow of news about upcoming novels, manga, comic books, magazines, TCGs and other products to inform a large percent of Blizzard fans who love to collect and purchase Blizzard products.

I wish to thank all of these companies for their support, but especially wish to thank Blizzard Public Relations and the Creative Team, because without them I wouldn’t be able to bring our followers fresh news about these products.

Looking forward into the future, we got a lot of work to do with content about Cataclysm, Starcraft II and all the info out there on Diablo III. Eldorian and Omacron are going to BlizzCon 2010. I might not be able to go due to IRL reasons, some of you know my situation, but hopefully that changes. There are two interviews shaping up about two new licensed products. So stay tuned. Very good stuff.

Blizzplanet will undergo a new layout design process sometime during the month — this server move was done overnight so it might take a while to get a layout and a new system migration. I will alert you in advance before that happens.

If you find any problems loading Blizzplanet at home, but works fine elsewhere, I recommend deleting the Blizzplanet cookies and clearing your browser’s cache. Hitting CTRL + F5 can do the trick too.

Special thanks to Eldorian, Miaari and hubby for their quick response with the server transition.

Blizzplanet vBulletin Forum Launches

Hi folks. Blizzplanet has launched a new vBulletin Forum, courtesy of Rushster and Ely (IncGamers).

To access it, click the link, or look out the forum link at the top-menu. Start by registering. Preferably, add the bp- tag before your name. It’s a silly request, but it will help us out deleting and banning spam by wiping anyone without the tag. For example, medievaldragon would have to register a username as bp-medievaldragon.

Eldorian would register as bp-Eldorian. This way you contribute to help us identify spammers. Links or keywords in the profile will be considered potential silent spambots. I will add these registration-requirements to the registration page soon.

In the meantime, feel free to post and start to build the Blizzplanet community. Feel free to also join our friends at ScrollsofLore for Warcraft lore discussions.

Medievaldragon’s Ramblings

Well, things didn’t work out as expected. After a year in court, the landlord got away with evicting me and a disable parent after thirteen years living there. Funny thing is we have been paying the full rent since December 2009 ($1,018/mo), and in the past three years we don’t owe the landlord any money; so I am not exactly sure why we are evicted; or how the judge allowed a disable person to get evicted.

Powerful landlords with money to get a lawyer can do some [beep]‘ up stuff to you when they can get the law on their side; or pay them beneath the table. It doesn’t matter he is the one with HPD violations on the building — including a damn fissure in the outdoor wall that leaks water into my bedroom every time there’s a storm; and a huge hole on the kitchen ceiling, and the once-or-twice a week river on my bathroom ceiling.

You know, this greedy landlord keeps evicting old tenants to raise the rent, and replaces the old tenants with illegal immigrants from India and middle east. Some of these illegal immigrants live in packs in a single apartment.

This motherless greedy landlord doesn’t care about national security either. As I said a few months ago, one of the suicide-bombers aboard the airplane which crashed into the Twin Towers of New York City lived in the same building as me. The suicide-bomber’s sister still lives there far as I am told. How did that guy even get to live there? That’s right. I blame Mr. Greedy Landlord. Illegal immigrants don’t file complaints about building violations to the city.

Ramblings aside, I will try to get online from a mobile modem I just purchased while I get back on my feet.

If you are a lawyer and live in New York, and wish to tackle this motherless landlord, hey ring me one. I got video and photos, and a HPD complaint number.

Blizzplanet Giveaway: WarCraft: Mage and WarCraft: Shadow Wing

Update – May 7: 10 copies of each book just arrived home. Thanks, Troy. =) Now get going lore folks. Let’s teh submissions commence.

Blizzplanet is giving away a few copies of WarCraft: Mage (by Richard A. Knaak and Ryo Kawakami) and the WarCraft: Shadow Wing Vol. 1

Winners will be selected randomly. In order to be added to the giveaway roster, you must complete the following steps.

1. Post in both your Twitter and Facebook the two following links and the title of both manga:

2. Post in the comments below the link to your Twitter and Facebook containing the links provided above.

3. Let me know which manga title you wish, or if you wish to run for both.

Good luck, and really hope the winners and everyone who reads both manga enjoy the stories from TOKYOPOP and Blizzard Entertainment’s Creative Development Team.

Blizzplanet StarCraft II Beta Keys Twitter Giveaway

Status: Giveaway now CLOSED. It’s over. Thanks to everyone who participated. Have fun fragging some Zerg.

The new giveaway is aimed to those among our visitors without a digital camera, scanner, or mobile who couldn’t participate in the previous photo giveaway. (Note: These keys won’t work in Mac Beta according to Blizzard).

Follow all these steps to participate.

Step 1. Go to our Blizzplanet Twitter page and Retweet this article and Follow Blizzplanet for automatic news updates. (Note: You must login to Twitter to see the retweet icon. Register to Twitter if you don’t have an account).

Step 2: Go to our Blizzplanet Facebook and press the “Like” button (after you login).

Step 3: Send to this email the link to your Twitter (retweet mush be visible) and the Facebook name used. Provide your character name and realm (WoW, Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft III name and gateway/realm)

Participating won’t guarantee a beta key. Only one entry per person. While supplies last.

Blizzplanet StarCraft II Beta Key Winners

Status: Giveaway Closed

The following are some of the proud winners of a StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beta key courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzplanet will continue to giveaway beta keys while they last.

If you posted a comment, but didn’t submit a photo by email, you didn’t get a key. Any remaining orphan beta keys will be given away through other means soon, for those not brave enough to submit a photo of themselves — Alliance, of course (oops).

Kidding aside, not everyone has a digital camera, scanner, cell or iphone. Expect a new contest for fans without any of these devices — if any beta keys remain by tomorrow. Those who submitted a photo proudly showing off their StarCraft product — YOU ROCK !!!

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Blizzplanet News Tone

I will try my best to report news responsibly without too much of my opinion or humor reflected in them. If I offer an opinion, it will be posted in the comments beneath to keep news reporting as clean as possible.

After some self-review, I have to acknowledge I haven’t been respectful, among other flaws. Fans may provide feedback by email (through the submit news link at the right menu) to complain or to point out if there’s anything I reported that should have been done in a better tone.

I think I need to humble down to admit I am wrong. I haven’t been approached by IncGamers editorial, The Escapist, nor by Blizzard directly. I simply felt I should express this in public to reach the fans and other people who I know visit Blizzplanet.

I don’t think I posted it in this fansite, but I posted a piece of news at and Starcraft: IncGamers — it was titled to Rival Steam.

I reported The Escapist interviewed Rob Pardo about the possibility or at least the thought that could be licensed to third-parties. However, I added a personal opinion in that post. Actually, more a joke and a parody than my personal opinion as that’s not how I think. I was parodying what some trolls say in the official forums and in other community forums about Activision or Bob Kotick.

The thing is that not everyone knows when I am humorous in written form — I am shy in real life, but I joke often. Don’t ask, I’m that weird. Bottomline, my sincere apologies to Bob Kotick, to Blizzard and to the fans.

Blizzplanet - World of WarCraft: Stormrage Giveaway

Wuzzup, folks? It’s time for some World of WarCraft: Stormrage Giveaways — courtesy of Pocket Books (a Simon & Schuster, Inc. division). If you haven’t gotten your hands on this novel that reveals the true origin of the Emerald Nightmare and the return of Malfurion Stormrage’s dreamform to his mortal body then you may wish to participate and test your luck among the winners.

Eligible participants must do the following steps to qualify for the giveaway:

1. Post in the comments below or email an answer for: What do you look forward in World of WarCraft: Stormrage?

2. Take a screenshot of your character standing alongside Tyrande Whisperwind (Alliance). Or a screenshot with Remulos in the Moonglade (Horde). Both are characters appearing in this novel. Attach or link the screenshot and email it.

Non-World of Warcraft players: For # 2, launch your favorite Blizzard game and type onscreen: I LOVE WORLD OF WARCRAFT: STORMRAGE, then take a screenshot of that with your Pint Screen button.

Deadline: Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 at 11:59pm EST/New York. Winners will be announced on Thursday, March 11th, 2010.

RPG and d20 Gamers Helping Haiti $20 Donation with Coupon

RPG and Pen and Paper Gamer might like to hear about this. DriveThruRPG is giving away $1000 worth of RPG/d20 books for mere $20 under the name of Gamers Helping Haiti Bundle. The total amount will be donated to said organization, and you will have a big stash of downloadable d20 stuff. There is no Warcraft RPG in there, but many of you might find this useful.

DriveThruRPG announced a major incentive to the roleplaying gamer community today to incite donations to aid in rescue and recovery in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Called the “Gamers Helping Haiti Bundle,” the product includes over a hundred products totaling over $1000.00 in retail value. For a simple donation of $20 – all of which goes to Doctors Without Borders to support their post-earthquake Haiti relief efforts – RPG fans can have this once-in-a-lifetime collection of gaming products.

DriveThruRPG already had opportunities to donate up and running within a day of the disaster. When publishers began asking how they could support the cause, the bundle was created to be an all-inclusive shared effort. Those who donated at the lesser levels won’t be left out, however; gamers who have already donated $5 or $10 will be receiving a special coupon code that lets them pay the difference from their initial donation to get the bundle.

“We are humbled by the generosity of both our customers and our publishers,” said Sean Patrick Fannon, Marketing and Communications Manager for DriveThruRPG, “all of whom have stepped up at this time of terrible tragedy to offer aid to a desperate people. We are also very proud to facilitate these collective efforts, providing the necessary tools and technology to bring it all together.”

More than tools and tech, though, DriveThruRPG is really putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak. “We have always believed in the power of giving and sharing to make the world a better place,” said Steve Wieck, President and co-owner of the site. “To that end, we are matching funds with everyone who’s making a straight donation at the $5 and $10 level.”

There is no set date for terminating the donation efforts, though the bundle will only be available until the end of January.

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