BlizzCon 2009 - World of Warcraft Questions Wanted

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Eldorian is gathering questions over at Facebook for our possible interviews with Paul Sams, Tom Chilton and Ghostcrawler—at least if we get the chance in our trip to Blizzcon and Blizzard through August 20-22.

If you have questions, please submit them.  We will either forward your questions during the live Blizzcon panel Q&As or in an exclusive video interview.  These can either be about patch 3.2 or 3.3.  However, we will be hopping around during Blizzcon to gather questions after Blizzard has announced the new expansion and gives some details about it—so you will also be able to pop either on facebook or throuogh our live chat to submit questions on the go.

Protecting your Computer

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World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo fans should be proactive and protect their computer from malicious software that appears sometimes in advertising banners.  I have no clue how a marketing ad campaign company can sometimes accidentally or on purpose leak some of these, but it does happen.

Right about a few minutes ago, on my own website I got a malicious software alert.  Obviously, I wouldn’t rationally cause issues to my visitors, less to myself.  And I work with the IncGamers folks and they are as concerned as me.  Rush will contact the ad network to see what’s going on.

For now, what matters is to teach you how to protect yourself any time you visit a website, even trusted ones.

Download FREE antivirus software – avast! Home Edition here.

Whenever you visit a website with an ad banner that contains a Malicious software, you will get an alert similar to the one I just got a few minutes ago.

Avast will not allow the malicious code to be downloaded into your computer, stopping it dry. It has daily updates auto-installing patches on the go. Other software you can install is Spybot Search & Destroy protects you from spyware and deletes cookies, offers immunization scan too.

A favorite Firefox addon is NoScript which stops javascript from be run in any page you visit.  You can allow certain javascript to work by selecting it from a menu.  Sometimes if you are filling a registration form or buying stuff online you would want to disable a specific javascript.  I use it all the time.

Another software you should consider installing is Ad-Aware by Lavasoft.  All of these are free to download with no trials.

StarCraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight Interview Update

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Last week, I traveled to Huntington, New York to meet Christie Golden at the Book Revue.  I have to thank Blizzard Entertainment and Simon & Schuster, Inc for approving this interview in such a short notice. I finished editing the video interview with Christie Golden and sent it to both companies to make sure all that is asked and said there is ok by them.  There’s some thrilling and teasing stuff revealed by Christie. The video interview lasts roughly 10 minutes.

StarCraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight is the last book in the trilogy, which sets the backstory leading to the single-player mode from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty RTS game.  It lays bare the naked past of Dark Archon Ulrezaj and we get to see flashbacks of Tassadar through the Protoss Preserver’s memories. TWILIGHT will be on bookstores this upcoming June 30th.  I was given a copy of the book in advance at the Book Revue, and plan to write a review—which of course won’t be shown until then.  Expect the video interview pretty soon on our front page.

Concerning the Tokyopop live chat with five writers and the editor, it is still in process to be approved by Blizzard.  Be patient. This upcoming live chat will be about StarCraft: Frontline. In advance I wish to let fans know that you should ask about the stories within the manga, and to avoid asking these writers about the RTS game.  They do not represent Blizzard Entertainment and the StarCraft II Team. That said, you can explore with the writers each of the stories present in Volume 1 and 2.  And ask about the upcoming Volume 3 on sale July 1. I purchased the first two volumes, and I am excited with some of the stories, and wish to learn more either in upcoming volumes or in-game.

First copy of Twilight signed by Christie Golden

Blizzplanet Alert

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If you do not have NOSCRIPT addon on your Firefox, run an anti-virus, we just noticed something going on. Rush is taking care of it, but may take a few.  I am not sure what it is because I have NOSCRIPT on.  As a precaution, change your WoW account password immediately after you run anti-virus and anti-malware.  The URL of this intrusive code seems to aim World of Warcraft.

UPDATE: Rush fixed the problem. The intrusion didn’t affect the CMS, nor came from the ad banners. Database was not compromised. The old forum seems to have facilitated matters. The forum will be permanently removed, and requested Rush to host Blizzplanet’s forum on as a sub-forum soon, to benefit from vBulletin security. If you visited between 9am-10:20am take precautions. We identified how it happened, and are taking measures to prevent it from happening again on that end.

Blizzplanet Highlighted on New Wildstorm Blog Launch

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I am very thrilled to see this community highlighted in the launch of the new Wildstorm Comics blog where Austin Trunick mentions the interview with Simon Furman (StarCraft # 1). Many thanks to Austin (DC Comics), Rob Tokar and Bob Colayco (Blizzard PR).

Blizzplanet turned seven years old (back on February), and has served as a reference hub about Blizzard Games lore, licensed products news, and interviews with writers who work on Blizzard licensed products to various fansites and wiki communities. Highlighted in the news by gaming sites: IGN, Gamespot, Eurogamer, Gamasutra, GameBanshee and others.

On a separate matter, Tokyopop is quoting me in the Warcraft Legends Vol. 4 (manga) on sale now, which is very flattering. Thanks, Troy Lewter (Editor). Talking about Tokyopop, the postponed live Q&A with the StarCraft: Frontline writers will be resumed soon. We are in the process of scheduling a new date and time. Stay tuned.

Book Expo America 2009 Roundup

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I attended today the Book Expo America (BEA) at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan, New York to get 10 copies of StarCraft: I, Mengsk signed by Graham McNeill.  Find out at during the week how to win one of those.

I also had the opportunity to meet representatives from Palace Press / Palace Publishing Group: Jake Gerli (Director of Acquisitions and Editorial), his brother Charles Gerli (Marketing & Distribution Coordinator) and Iain R. Morris (Creative Director).  They worked on the Insight Editions project titled The Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.  They provided me a copy of this book, and it meant a lot that all three accepted to sign it.

I will write a review of this book soon. They were nice to offer some high-quality images some time during the week to add to our review. I took video of an exclusive presentation with all the bells and whistles of this product. For something that wasn’t previously scheduled, it was amazing how they took the initiative and described in detail every single aspect of the production and design of the book.

StarCraft Frontline & StarCraft Ghost Academy Live Chats

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A few days ago, I gave you a heads up on the interviews and live chats planned for our community of fans who love the StarCraft lore in all its formats.  First off, our interview with Simon Furman—writer of StarCraft # 1 (Wildstorm Comics) is in progress. We will post that as soon as it goes through the public relations process. While that gets back to us, this week we have the awesome live chat with the people behind StarCraft Frontline Vol. 3.  Fans are welcome to come to our live chat with Tokyopop Editor Hope Donovan and the five StarCraft Frontline writers: Paul Benjamin, Dave Shramek, Grace Randolph, Ren Zatopek and Josh Elder.  You are free to interact with all of them.

The live chat will happen this Thursday, May 28 at 1pm PDT (4pm New York, 9pm England, 10pm Paris).  Simply visit the following page to join the chat that day.

Our next live chat will be on June 12 at 1pm PDT with our old buddie Keith R.A. DeCandido to talk about StarCraft Ghost: Academy scheduled to be on bookstores on January 2010. Hope to see you in the live chat. Stay tuned for any giveaways we may have for attendees.

Blizzcon 2009 Road Map: Restaurants and Car Rentals

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From my visit to Blizzcon 2008 at the Anaheim Convention Center, I gathered directions for our fans to the closest restaurants, grocery stores and car rentals around the area. The Marriott and Hilton Hotels are within 3 minutes walk from Blizzcon.  They have restaurants and other stores within the Hotel facilities, but if you are on a tight budget, there are some popular restaurants within 10-20 minutes walking distance.

Those who will be at the Marriott Hotel or the Hilton Hotel, or close to Blizzcon will appreciate this database.  Simply click on the links below to view a map.  The map shows you a direction from Blizzcon (A) to the destination (B).  If you click on the green (B), it will zoom you in to an interactive photo-panoramic street view that will let you see a photo of the location.

Restaurants shown in this database are Denny’s Restaurant, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr, IHOP, Tiffy’s Family Restaurant, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Panda Chinese Food, Pizza Shop, and California Pizza Kitchen.  (I provided the menu webpage for Denny’s and Carl’s Jr.)

Grocery Stores: 7 Eleven, and Valero Gas Station and Food Shop

Car Rental companies: Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, and Blue Oval.

Get the maps and details after the break.


IHOP Restaurant
1560 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

1381 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

Denny’s Restaurant

1610 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 776-3300

Denny’s Restaurant
2088 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

Denny’s Menu

Carl’s Jr (Burgers)

Carl’s Jr Menu

Taco Bell
2144 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

Jack In the Box (Burgers & Sandwishes)

2208 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Resort Center
1768 S Harbor Blvd
Panda Chinese Food and a Pizza Shop across the street from 7 Eleven – between W Katella Ave and S Harbor Blvrd


Catal Restaurant

House of Blues Restaurant
La Brea Bakery Cafe
Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria
Tortilla Jo’s


California Pizza KItchen
301 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA

Morton’s The Steakhouse (Not exactly budget meal—+75 USD up)
1893 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA, United States

Tiffy’s Family Restaurant

1804 S West St, Anaheim, CA —- corner between S West and W Katella Ave


Rainforest Cafe

It is located in the Disneyland Downtown District

Enter a tropical rainforest for a dazzling dining experience the entire family will treasure.

  * Generous portions of fabulous food from around the world
  * A lively jungle of entertainment
  * Waterfalls, rain showers, live parrots, animated apes – and all the sounds of a real jungle!
  * Fabulous fiber-optic starscape
  * Unusual shopping

Cuisine:  American

Service Type:  Casual Dining

Price Range:  $$$ ($20-$30 per person) *

Meals Served:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack

For Priority Seating arrangements, call the Rainforest Cafe directly at
(714) 772-0413


7 Eleven

between W Katella Ave and S Harbor Blvrd.

Valero Gas Station & Food Shop
2100 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA


Budget Car and Truck Rental

2132 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

Open M-F 7:30am – 6pm
Sat 8am-4pm
Sun 8am-4pm
Cars / GPS available

Blue Oval (Car Rental)

2204 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

Enterprise and Hertz (Van Rental)
225 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA

Blizzplanet - Win A BlizzCon 2009 Ticket Giveaway

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Blizzplanet is proud to announce a giveaway of three BlizzCon 2009 badges courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.  In order to enter our giveaway roster, you must first complete accurately all seven instructions below and submit them via email here.

International entries are welcome (except where certain countries local restrictions apply). This giveaway ends on June 9, 2009 at 11:59pm EST (New York timezone).  Winners will be announced the next day.  Winners will have only three days to reply back, otherwise someone else will be chosen.  Winners should bring their Photo ID (i.e. Passport, Driver’s License) to the VIP booth at the Anaheim Convention Center. The name of the winner must match the photo ID’s. Blizzcon tickets are not transferable.

1. Read Excerpt 4 of World of Warcraft: ARTHAS here. List all the character names mentioned in this excerpt.

2. What was Rathma’s former name? Who christened him with the name Rathma? And What page number it is revealed? —Read the Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy, The Veiled Prophet excerpt. The excerpt link may be found beneath the front cover image (click Browse Inside).

3. Read the StarCraft Frontline Vol. 3 War-Torn story.  Summarize what’s going on and explain why you look forward to read this manga.

4. Watch our video interview with Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson and describe which question answered you enjoyed the most and why.

5. Register to the Mountain Dew World of Warcraft Game Fuel website. Take a screenshot of your account page, and show at least 300 points. Note: You don’t need to be a World of Warcraft subscriber to participate in this giveaway. You can increase your points by going to all the options available within the How Do I Earn Points? section. Once you reach 300 points take a screenshot and attach it to the email. Note: If you don’t have a screen capture software, you may download XNview to capture images. Once installed go to Tools—> Capture Screen and click ok.

6. Read the four solicitations of StarCraft # 1-4, and write down the character names. Then view the preview scans and let us know what your impression is about the art, the dialogues and general tone of the comic book.  Note: WIldstorm and DC Comics are launching Starcraft # 1 on May 27. You may subscribe to the 12-issues here.

7. Provide your WoW Character name or screen name (i.e. Starcraft, Warcraft III, Diablo II)—for winners announcement purposes.

Once these six instructions are completed, your entry will be automatically added to the roster of giveaway participants. Incomplete or inaccurate entries will be disqualified.

NOTE: Other Blizzard Fansites have Blizzcon 2009 Ticket GIveaways too:

WoW: Arthas Galleys En Route To Winners

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The World of Warcraft: Arthas Galleys that Blizzplanet and gave away to fans have been shipped. Those sent to international winners are almost about to hit touch down probably today or tomorrow. The USA winners will get theirs around Monday, March 23 according to their tracking number details.

I have just emailed all the tracking number to all the winners. I really hope they are as excited as me, and that they enjoy this awesome novel by Christie Golden. You can read my review of World of Warcraft: Arthas here.

On a side note, stay tuned in upcoming days for the announcement of the date/time of our exclusive live public Q&A with Christie Golden for anyone who has questions about World of Warcraft: Arthas, or who wish to ask about her previous or upcoming novels; or just to say hi, or I LOVE YOU.

I really, really wish to thank Jaime and Simon & Schuster, Inc.—they not only provided all these 20 galleys to giveaway … they also took care of all the work behind creating UPS and DHL delivery waybill codes for each winner living either in USA, Canada or Europe.  You guys are the best.

Everyone please, make sure to pre-order your copy of World of Warcraft: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King at their website as a special thanks for this and future giveaway contests. Hopefully the next giveaway is for the Starcraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight (June 30) Winners
Grizzletooth (Idaho, USA)
Frozenkex (Latvia)
Varghedin (Norway)
Woodstrider (Bulgaria)
Timolas (Malta)
Semiiramiis (Winsconsin, USA)
Ravenel (Puerto Rico)
Darkvengeance (Serbia)
ffejjeff (Colorado, USA)

Blizzplanet Winners
Gurtogg (New York, USA)
Handclaw (Germany)
Kenzuki (Georgia, USA)
Xarthat (Poland)
Lon-ami (Spain)
Kyosei (California, USA)
Neto (Brazil)
Rainska (Virginia, USA)
Odethrissa (Ontario, Canada)

Starcraft Comic Book Fans Chat

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I have the pleasure to inform fans that DC Comics will address our questions about the upcoming StarCraft Comic Book by Wildstorm Comics. It is satisfying to say the least, considering it has not officially been announced via press release. This is kind of a last minute call to all fans who are looking forward to this comic book. Please, submit your questions for our exclusive Q&A with DC Comics. As a lore fan myself, I always strive to deliver fans’ questions to the writers and developers on your behalf. You have awaited a decade to see this project become a reality. This is your opportunity to get a sneak peek in advance.

Simply enter your username and type your question. Press the Send button to submit your questions. I will be able to read them later on my end.  If you wish to talk live about the comic book, I will be online on Tuesday, February 3rd around 4pm EST (-5GMT – New York), 12pm (California), 10pm (Paris). More below …

2009 NY Comic Con: Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson Update

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imageAll Blizzard games fans attending the New York Comic Con should come to the Simon & Schuster booth 1402 (Level 3 – Exhibit Hall) at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City (655 West 34th Street). Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson will be booksigning on Saturday, February 7th from 1:30pm – 2:30pm.

Bring your Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo books, or buy them at the booth. I will be interviewing them at the booth earlier at 1pm if you wish to stop by.

For an interactive map go here and click Facility Overview, then choose the Level 3 Exhibit Hall option. Ticket Registrations here.

You can submit questions based on the pocket books below or email them here.

New York Comic Con: Chris Metzen Q&A

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The video interview is now live. You can find it here.

Original story
I will be bringing coverage of the New York Comic Con through February 6-8 where I will meet editors from Tokyopop, Pocket Star Books and DC Comics. Of heavier interest to you, I will interview Chris Metzen (VP of Creative Design, Blizzard) and Micky Neilson (Senior Writer/Voice Director, Blizzard) to discuss details of Starcraft II, Diablo III and World of Warcraft pocket books lore. It’s a pleasure to interview someone I am a personal fan of, the same month Blizzplanet turns six years old.

The plan is to have this interview with the Thundergod on video for your viewing pleasure. Representing the ScrollsofLore community, Omacron will co-host the interview with me. However, this has rapidly become a communities-wide effort with support from other fansites.

Questions will also be gathered by our friendly community sites:,,, WoWInsider, ScrollsofLore, and WoW-Hungary.

Would you want your questions to be included into this interview? Would you love your questions to be answered by Chris Metzen, the Thundergod himself?  Feel free to submit your questions by posting a comment below. (Registration required) or submit it by email.

A Satisfied Blizzplanet Razer Glathius Mat Contest Winner

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Another Blizzplanet Contest Winner has received his prize by mail and shares with us how satisfied he feels with the Razer Glathius Mat won through our recent contest. This is what Jawbreaker @ Maelstrom (known as Gurtogg Bloodboil) had to say:

Jawbreaker @ Maelstrom: Got the Razer Glathius Mat in the mail today. It is pretty sweet and handles like a dream. Thanks for the contest !

Medievaldragon: How does the Razer Glathius Mat compares with your old mouse pad or previous ones you have used in the past?

Jawbreaker @ Maelstrom: It is actually pretty smooth.  The mouse glides with greater ease now, and it is soft to the touch. Those microfibers are doing their job !

Blizzplanet Database Update #3

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I have focused most of the couple of days in fixing the redirections from the old URL paths to the new ones. As of 3am, I have been now adding World of Warcraft Classic pages one by one into the new system. The WoW right menu is now populated. Some links there are still broken, but don’t worry, I will be working on this throughout the day. I will keep updating this post throughout the day by changing the status from offline to online on the list below:

  • Warcraft Timeline (online)

  • WoW In-Game Books (online)
  • The WoW Easter Eggs database (online)
  • Burning Crusade Easter Eggs (online)
  • Ancients (online)
  • Titans (offline)
  • Loa Gods (online)
  • Dragon Aspects (online)
  • WoW Story Arcs (online)

Look around through the right menu, and get used to how the content is being organized so that you can find your way easily in the future when you wish to find a reference for a friend or for a forum topic. My focus now is to make sure the WoW Section is back online in full in the next couple of days and that the redirections are working to allow the wikis to redirect to the appropriate corresponding page.

2009 New York Comic Con: Viral Vids

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New York Comic Con hype is getting at many fans throughout the nation with all the geeky stuff going on.  Not just Blizzard stuff with the new Tokyopop Warcraft Mangas (World of Warcraft: Death Knight, Warcraft Legends Vol. 4, Untitled Mage Manga), the DC Unlimited WoW Action Figures and Pocket Star Books (WoW: Arthas, Starcraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight). It’s also that other side of gamers and geeks that love comic books as well.

After the Skrull Invasion (Marvel Comics) now comes the Dark Reign status quo with Norman Osborn as leader replacing IronMan and the defunct S.H.I.E.L.D. organization. Norman Osborn is now the man with rumors of the creation of the Dark Illuminati (Dr. Doom, Loki, Emma Frost, Namor) and War of Kings swinging its way with the Kree Empire’s new ruler: Black Bolt (Inhumans) clashing with the Sh’iar Emperor Vulcan (Gabriel Summers).

The New York Comic Con will be huge with Marvel showcasing these two status quo panels at the event. Are you coming to New York Comic Con? Whether for Comics groove or Blizzard jammin’ products? Tickets to the event can be ordered here.

The New York Comic Con will take place at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. The Javits Center is located at 655 West 34th Street overlooking the Hudson River. A little tip … come wearing jeans and tennis. It’s a lot of walking inside the Javits center with 675,000 square feet of exhibition space and over 8,000 people.

Below are some Viral Vids promoting the event.

2009 New York Comic Con: Are you Going? Chris Metzen is Coming !!!

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Chris Metzen

The New York Comic Con is barely 3 weeks away (February 6-8) and I am starting to get excited. I went there last year and met Richard A. Knaak for the first time, met Marco Palmieri (Pocket Star Books), Susan Hale (Tokyopop) and some of the Tokyopop editors. It’s always fun to meet Anna Maria Mannino (Upper Deck). Sadly, Upper Deck, Fantasy Flight Games and Sideshow Collectibles aren’t coming this year to the New York Comic Con. I got confirmation from them and have kept contact with various companies and writers a month in advance.

Jim Lee

On the bright side, Keith R.A. DeCandido (Starcraft Ghost: Nova) and Jim Lee (World of Warcraft Comic Book, Wildstorm) are coming to the event. Tokyopop, Pocket Star Books and DC Comics are confirmed to be at the event as exhibitors. The most important reason for all fans to come down to the New York Comic Con is sort of an exclusive not many know about—Legendary Chris Metzen (Blizzard’s Vice-President of Creative Design) is book signing at the Pocket Star Books booth (# 1402). Chris Metzen is also autographing at the DC Comics booth at certain hours. I will provide a full schedule once it becomes available.

DC Comics, Inc.  booth 1641
Pocket Star Books   booth 1402
Tokyopop booth booth 1621

Make sure to bring your Blizzard novels and comic books and a camera. As I was writing this post, I just got confirmation from Pocket Star Books that I will be interviewing Chris Metzen. Feel free to submit your lore or development questions for him (any game IP) by posting here; or emailing me here.

Jim Lee will be signing World of Warcraft comic books on Friday, February 6th 3:00

Echoes of War Winner Satisfied

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Our Echoes of War Contest Winner just received his prize today. He is very glad and satisfied after unwrapping the package to find out he got the Legendary Edition. The estimate shipping was due 4-6 weeks, and it arrived from Japan to Bulgaria within 9 days. Here is what Sunstrider (Northrend) said:

I just received my Echoes of War prize by mail! I am very pleased that it is the Legendary Edition and that it arrived in just 9 days smile Everything within the package is awesome – the disks, the art cards and the box!

You can read my review of The Music of Blizzard Entertainment: Echoes of War here.

Stay tuned throughout January for the next drawing contest—this time from the SteelSeries folks.

Blizzplanet Database Update #2

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Thus far I have managed to put back online the following content pages into this new system:

  • Warcraft: Orcs and Humans

  • Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness
  • Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
  • Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
  • Diablo 1

These are now accessible through the right navigation menu, nigh the bottom of the page. For now, I have to prioritize adding the World of Warcraft and expansions database back online, and leave the Starcraft and Diablo II stuff in the backburner for later.  This to make sure redirection of all the links of other websites, including the wikis are no longer broken links. I will report back on these database updates as they are finished. Thanks for your patience.

2009 New York Comic Con: Share Your Questions

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I am gearing up with a press badge to attend the 2009 New York Comic Con to bring you as many details as possible of all Blizzard Entertainment products to be showcased at the event.  The event will take place through February 6-8. Among the companies coming to the New York Comic Con are: Pocket Star Books, Tokyopop, and DC Comics. Sideshow Collectibles, sadly, isn’t coming to the event this year (bottom). I will be in contact with some writers and with Upper Deck to find out if they are attending.

The line-up of products to be most likely showcased are:

  • World of Warcraft: Arthas

  • Starcraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight
  • Warcraft Legends Vol. 3
  • World of Warcraft: Death Knight
  • DC Direct World of Warcraft Action Figures
  • World of Warcraft Comic Book

One Blizzard product in particular I am hoping to hear about—crosses fingers—is the StarCraft Comic Book. My DC Comics contact wouldn’t budge to offer details a few days after Blizzcon 2008.  It was revealed in the BlizzCon comic sampler. DC Comics will make an announcement of this comic on 2009. The matter is when. New York Comic Con could be a good candidate for the announcement, as well as San Diego Comic Con (July).  It was at the San Diego Comic Con where the World of Warcraft comic book was first announced.

Keith R.A. DeCandido confirmed to be attending the event. I will corner him to get some details of the Starcraft Ghost; Academy trilogy (manga) and the Starcraft Ghost: Spectre (Pocket Star Book).  Aaron Rosenberg will be book signing copies of World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal. Jim Lee (Wildstorm) and Bill Roper (ex-Blizzard North) will be at the event too.

Pocket Star Books will be at booth 1402.  Tokyopop at booth 1621 and DC Comics at booth 1641. Grab your tickets online early. They are more expensive on-site.

Open to the Public:
Friday, February 6—1:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturday, February 7—10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday, February 8—10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Got any questions for any of those companies about a particular product? Feel free to share your questions to ask them on your behalf.

Blizzplanet’s Echoes of War Drawing Contest Winner

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Today a very lucky and special fan has won one of The Music of Blizzard Entertainment: Echoes of War. Hiroaki Yura (Artistic Director, Producer and Violinist) from Eminence Symphony Orchestra will be pleased to ship the prize to Sunstrider on the Northrend Gateway (Warcraft III).  One thing I am very surprised by is that Eminence didn’t place any country restriction to ship this prize.  The random picked winner is from Bulgaria. Congratulations!

To find out more about Echoes of War, read our recent review that has been spotlighted by the official WoW Site for the past three weeks.

I gathered below a few of the comments from the contest submissions expressing their opinion after listening to the Echoes of War audio samples:

“I like “A Tenuous Pact” best because it is a breathtaking soundtrack, which has gorgeous motives and inspires me. The WarCraft series are my favourite, too, and this soundtrack title reminds me of the time spent playing them.”—Sunstrider @ Northrend (Warcraft III)

“A Tenuous Pact” was my favorite of the four though “The Eternal Conflict” was a strong candidate as well. It was the intensity of the music that just got one in the mood and felt that it was setting a scene of a lot of intensity. I’ve always been a fan of music that felt that it had an intensity/urgency behind it… and this one just gives me that feeling. — Niekon @ Azuremyst (WoW)

“If I really had to pick a favorite, I would choose “The Betrayer and the Sun King”, because it prominently features brass instruments, using very deep, rich, consonant tones and chords, which is something I always like to hear in music. Though, “A Tenuous Pact” would have to be a close second, because it has part of the instrumentation from “A Call to Arms,” which is easily one of the best Blizzard pieces ever made. Also, the opening Tristram chords of “The Eternal Conflict” did send chills down my spine.”—Lachdanan @ Kel’Thuzad (WoW)

“I enjoyed A Tenuous Pact because of the new twist on the classic WoW theme. It manages to capture the WoW feel in a way that better reflects the current expansion, with its use of tension and buildup of epicness.”—Maged @ USEast (Starcraft)

2008 Xmas: Diablo II Collector’s Edition Contest

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Our sister site has a very interesting prize to giveaway during the Christmas Season: The Diablo II Collector’s Edition. All you need to do is to post a comment at the following thread. That simple. Want to know what’s within the Collector’s Edition?

  • Diablo II Game

  • Exclusive Diablo II DVD Movie – All 24 minutes of the Diablo II game cinematics digitally re-mastered for enhanced picture quality on your DVD player in Widescreen format.
  • View Storyboards & listen to audio commentary from the Diablo II cinematics team
  • Original Cinematic Trailer
  • Commemorative Game Manual – Collector

2008 Xmas Razer Armadillo Contest

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To celebrate the Christmas Season, we are giving away a Razer Armadillo, the intelligent Mouse cable management system Is your Mouse cable moving all around the table in odd angles, or falling off the table constantly, or making your gameplay impossible, or worse yet, you need to buy new mice often because the cable bends too much and no longer communicates with the computer? The Razer Armadillo grounds your cable with its weight (made of mild steel) increasing stability and accuracy to your gameplay.

What do you need to do in order to participate in this contest and to win a Razer Armadillo?

1. Take a screenshot of your character wearing the Winter Veil Clothing while mounting your Metzen Reindeer.
2. Type in your email your character name and server.
3. Email your entry to

Merry Christmas! Contest Ends on January 2nd, 2009 at 11:59pm EST (New York)

Win a BlizzCon Polar Bear Mount!

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Maticus has posted at a new contest where the prize is an awesome Blizzcon 2008 card code with a Polar Bear Mount … the one that has a baby murloc sitting on its neck.  You can even wear your Murloc costume suit while mounted and have your murloc pet or Tyrael pet out while riding it. If you want this prize visit the contest page for further instructions.

As a special holiday treat for our readers, we’re giving away one of the awesome Polar Bear mounts complete with murloc waving a BlizzCon flag. These were only given to people that attended or paid to watch BlizzCon which took place in Anaheim, California back in October hence they are very rare – especially in Europe and other regions of the world.

The mount itself is Bind to Account, which means you can swap it around between all your characters. Once a character has learnt to summon the mount, you can mail it on to the next one.

If you’d like to enter the draw for this mount, all you have to do is comment in this thread. The draw closes on Saturday at 00:01 GMT, December 27 2008. Good luck, and Season’s Greetings!

Blizzplanet’s Blizzard Music: Echoes of War Drawing Contest

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Celebrating the Christmas season, Blizzplanet launches a new contest that will chill everyone’s heart with joy. The prize of this contest is courtesy and sponsored by Eminence:

The Music of Blizzard Entertainment: Echoes of War

It contains music from Starcraft, Diablo II, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Starcraft: Ghost, Diablo III and Starcraft II. You can take home this product by participating in this contest. Ends on January 2, 2009 at 11:59 EST (New York time)

Simply folloiw and complete all of the instructions listed below:

  • Make sure to type your main character’s username and server. (Whether or WoW—for winner announcement purposes)

  • Answer the following Trivia questions after visiting the official Echoes of War website: All the answers may be found here:

    1. Who is the Eminence Artistic Director involved in the production of Echoes of War?
    2. What was the previous Namco game soundtrack produced by Eminence prior to Echoes of War?
    3. Mention six Blizzard composers involved in Echoes of War.
    4. Who is the principal conductor of the Eminence Symphony Orchestra?
    5. What Blizzard music composer created the Diablo 3 Overture music?
    6. Which Blizzard music composer inspired his themes from Africa and India music influences?
    7. What European orchestra did play the Diablo II expansion music?
    8. Mention three projects previously created by Kow Otani.
    9. Name the Echoes of War soundtrack title that Go Shiina arranged with Derek Duke.
    10. Listen to the four audio-samples and tell us which you like best and why.

  • Mail your submission at

Blizzplanet is currently spotlighted at the official World of Warcraft website. Read our Echoes of War review to find out what’s inside the prize’s box in detail.

Razer Glathius Contest Winner Announced

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The winner of the recent Razer Glathius Contest was Jawbreaker @ Maelstrom (known as Gurtogg Bloodboil). The contest was pretty simple: to submit an image of your character next to the Son of Hodir in the Storm Peaks. More contests will be announced pretty soon. Be sharp and participate. You may be one of the lucky winners.

Blizzplanet Contest: Razer Glathius Mat

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Blizzplanet is holding a new contest, courtesy of Razerzone. The contest ends on Friday, December 15th, 2008 at 11:59 EST (NY). To take a screenshot press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard. You can locate it within your World of Warcraft folder inside the screenshots folder. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Take a screenshot of your character standing next to the leader of the Sons of Hodir in Storm Peaks.
2. Attach it and submit your character’s name and server.
3. Email it to Garona2004 at yahoo

Prize: Razer Goliathus Speed Edition

  • Advanced Cloth Weave For Unbridled Speed And Effortless Control

  • Pixel-Precise Targeting And Tracking
  • Optimized For All Mouse Sensitivity Settings And Sensor Types
  • Oversized 444mm X 355mm X 4.3mm Design / Standard 355mm X 254mm X 4mm Design / Space-efficient 270mm x 215mm x 4mm Design
  • Rubber Base For A Secure Grip On Smooth Surfaces

Slick Cloth Weave
The Razer Goliathus Speed Edition