Why was Medivh in Warcraft 3, if Lothar Beheaded him?

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This question popped up under my radar in the official World of Warcraft forums.  I couldn’t resist but to answer it for him after no one came close to replying it correctly.  In order to share with him the spoiler info, and to benefit other fans in the dark, I summarized as best as I could the background history of Medivh and Khadgar from different official sources such as Warcraft: Orc and Humans Game Manual, Warcraft: The Last Guardian novel, World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde novel, and World of Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred novel.

Many World of Warcraft players who didn’t play previous Warcraft games, or even those who played Warcraft III, but haven’t read the Warcraft novels share the same curiosity about Medivh’s return from the death. And no … I didn’t need the wowwiki. It is a useful tool for those who do not own the novels.  I do own the novels and all Warcraft games.

The question went like this:

Malgarion @ Windrunner: Noob question, but I quiet don’t understand. It says Medivh died in Karazhan and that guy (Khadgar) in Shattrath City killed him, but Medivh is seen in Warcraft III AFTER that Khadgar went through the portal, and it was sealed. So what happened to Medivh now?

Read my answer here. (A copy below)

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