Warcraft III: Dawn of Chaos Mod - Multiplayer Released

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Realm Design (Rampaging Polygons) has released a Multiplayer instalment of the long-awaited Warcraft III: Dawn of Chaos total conversion mod.  This mod brings old-school Warcraft: Orcs and Humans to life in 3D using the Warcraft III Engine. And I mean it … you need to create roads in order to create buildings. The single player is in the works, but Realm Design wanted fans to taste the awe of both orc and human races in Multiplayer via Battle.net. This is what Skullpitter told me:

Warcraft: The Dawn of Chaos is now being released in instalments. Each instalment will contain one Act of one of the two campaigns. The next instalment will be Act I of The Lion Roars, the Human campaign. This will contain three prelude cinematics and three missions; The Plains of Azeroth, The Defense of Grand Hamlet, and Enemy at the Gates.

We estimate two weeks before this will be ready. After this we will be releasing the first Orc instalment, Act I of The Scouring of Azeroth. This method of release allows us to fix bugs and implement replacement material with much greater ease.

We have released what amounts to a teaser instalment already, a multiplayer map called Misty Forest which has both the Orc and Human races fully implemented as well as the majority of the necessary art. The download contains a map and an .exe which allows you to play Dawn of Chaos (DoC) over Battle.net with other players who already have the .exe installed.

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