Blizzard Europe reminds people of the final date of submissions for the Noblegarden Contest.

1. The contest will run from April 16, 2006 until May 20, 2006. Entries submitted past this date will not be considered eligible for participation.
2. Digital photographs must be submitted via the Photograph Submission page.
3. Only five submissions per entrant will be allowed.
4. Only submissions from countries eligible to participate will be accepted. Those who are eligible to participate are:

  • Participants aged 15 or more residing in:
          o France
          o Belgium
          o United Kingdom
          o Luxembourg

  • Participants aged 18 or more residing in:
          o Germany
          o Austria
          o Sweden
          o Finland
          o Denmark
          o Norway
          o Ireland

Submissions sent in from countries not listed as eligible will be discarded.
5. Please check our full terms for this contest for more details.