Warcraft 2 PUD - Gilneas

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OrcmastergroM, creator of Starcraft Map Campaign Revengers and Warcraft II’s Helm’s Deep, has submited a new Warcraft II PUD map titled Gilneas.  If you are a nostalgic Warcraft II player, this is a reason to dust it off.  I’m currently replaying the Diablo II single player and will give a try to Warcraft II by playing this PUD.

OrcmasterGroM: Gilneas closed itself off from the rest of the world using the Greymane Wall, although it was not a part from the Alliance nor Horde it was ready to fight them both, blade to blade.

Due to Alterac’s betrayal the Horde was able to grab a succesful foothold in Lordareon’s shores, especially where Zul’Dare and Gilneas lay. The Orcs have laid siege to the Greymane Wall but had no luck. Though its heavily fortified, the coast is not, and nor is Zul’Dare.  You must lead a force to attack Zul’Dare. Once the island is yours, raise a new army: both naval and ground, and attack Gilneas head on.

Gilneas would now wish it was part of the war with the Alliance of Lordareon…

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