The Battle For The Undercity - Alliance Version Videos

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The Four Videos of The Battle For The Undercity (Alliance Version) are now available. I finished all the quests through a pre-made level 80 character on Murmur Server. The server is a bit unstable, and the alliance version is still bugged in beta. Quiet normal. The first mini-boss: a worm, sometimes despawns and the event ends abruptly. If that happens, simply abandon the quest and return to Broll outside Undercity, until Varian respawns at the portal point.

Some screenshots, and transcripts will be up later on. Got my hands full. For now you got the four videos and 23 screenshots of Varian Wrynn (King of Stormwind). His model was redone to look more like Varian / Lo’gosh in the DC Comics. Check out the new updates here.

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