Stratics: Screenshot Caption Contest

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LadyBeth from Wow.Stratics has informed of a Screenshot Caption Contest held by their network.

WoW Stratics is proud to bring you our first *_SCREENSHOT CAPTION CONTEST _*! We have selected four screenshots and are ready for *YOU* to add your funny caption to it. How easy can that be? The entries can be submitted until June 11^th , then the voting will begin! Prizes include Hats, T-Shirts and Mousepads! So what are you waiting for? Head on over and enter today! Please make sure you read our _*contest rules* _ though before entering. *GOOD LUCK*!

Grand Prize: Stratics T- Shirt and WoW Horde or Alliance T-Shirt
First Place: Blizzard Hat and Stratics T-Shirt
Second Place: WoW Hat
Third Place: Stratics T-Shirt and Blizzard Mouse Pad
Fourth Place: Blizzard Mouse Pad

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