The Burning Crusade bestiary was updated with two new Outland monsters:

Spore Bat: “The deadly spore bats are a more highly evolved sub-species of the spore walkers. Like their walker cousins, the spore bats draw ingredients from the environment and combine them to form virulent toxins used in subduing the spore bats’ prey. Unlike the walkers, however, the spore bats have the added advantage of flight in their arsenal. No corner of Zangarmarsh is safe as long as these silently gliding death-dealers are on the prowl.”

Spore Walkers: “It is believed that the spore walkers evolved over time from the simple organisms that dwell within the depths of Zangarmarsh into the more efficient hunting, killing and eating machines that they are today. Utilizing their environment, the spore walkers are able to derive toxins from the spores and fungi of the marsh, which they in turn use to stun or immobilize their prey. When traveling through the marsh, adventurers would be wise to steer clear of these highly accomplished predators.”