Starcraft II Q&A Xmas Holidays 2007 Wrap-up

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Karune: As the office lights dim here, before we close up shop for the rest of the year, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays, as it has been quite an exciting year with many big announcements!

Though of course, 2007 will be nothing compared to 2008, as those announcements will only be getting bigger!

To kick off 2008, we will be starting off the first episode of the BlizzCast podcast series, a Battle of the Fan Sites StarCraft Tournament, and we’ll be adding a ‘hands on’ StarCraft II feedback section to the Q&A Batches.

If you have a fan site, starting up a fan site, or are just looking to play some StarCraft, join up this tournament with Blizzard prizes here.

In the meantime since we don’t have an official Q&A Batch, we have two fan questions submitted from

1) Can the Nomad’s auto-turrets attack air units?

No, the auto-turrets currently only attack ground. Nonetheless, with their rapid fire rate, they are excellent for worker raids and supporting an engaging battle.

2) Will the Nomad build other mechanisms besides the auto-turrets?

Yes, the Nomad will be able to build multiple stationary defenses. We are currently testing a few of these, to see which will fit the best for the Nomad.

Happy Holidays & New Years! 2008 here we come! Post your comments at Forums.

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