Starcraft 2 - Terran Salvaging Ability

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Karune replied a fan’s concern over at the Starcraft II Forums concerning the new Salvaging ability in the Terran arsenal of unique abilities.

[email protected]: 1. With Terrans Salvage ability, being able to deconstruct Terran buildings for 100% of the cost back, adds to the devastating effect of a StarCraft II Bunker push.

2. Can a player order a Ghost in a Bunker to call Nukes and Drop Pods? baboonsy (

Yes, Terran infantry currently have all abilities except the SCV repair ability available for use while inside a bunker, including the use of Nukes and Drop Pods.

In my opinion this will have a massive affect on the total play style of the Terran race. Of course I haven’t played Starcraft II so I don’t know how their ability to salvage is balanced, but I think these two announcements will change play style significantly in Terran’s advantage. Here’s how:

Note: This assumes salvage doesn’t affect a bunker’s ability to house units while it is being salvaged.

A Terran has gotten to the point in his tech tree when he can salvage and launch a nuke. The Terran makes a bunker at a choke point, or inside his enemy’s base. He loads the bunker with an SCV and a ghost. The ghost calls down a nuke, and the SCV starts to salvage the bunker from INSIDE the bunker. (Note: This is possible according to the Q&A. Only repair is banned. Also the SCV might have to salvage first based on the length of time it takes to salvage.) The nuke comes down and it blows up a significant portion of the enemy’s base, while leaving the bunker only damaged. The bunker becomes salvaged and it disappears leaving the SCV and ghost like nothing ever happened.

The Problem:
A Terran can use a bunker to protect a ghost and get the money for the bunker back. Essentially making the ghost hold position and gain many health points.

The Solution:
Don’t let an SCV salvage from inside a bunker. OR While salvaging the structure can’t preform normal actions as though it was a completed building.

Karune: In the current build, when you initiate Salvage on a Terran Bunker, units inside the Bunker will no longer be able to use their abilities. Much of the mechanics around Salvage are still to be balanced, though I don’t think it would be terribly hard, especially since the duration it takes to Salvage a building can be changed easily.

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