Sarah McKerrigan Nominated by New Covey Trailer Awards

Not a StarCraft related news, but I love to do follow ups on Glynnis’ careers: both voice acting and book writing. She is the voice of Kerrigan the Queen of Blades in Starcraft II. On her role as a writer, Glynnis Talken-Campbell, under her book writer pseudonym Sarah McKerrigan, recently announced DANGER KISS (a medieval romance novel). Her DANGER KISS trailer has been nominated as a finalist in the New Covey Trailer Awards contest.

  • Watch the nominated trailer, and Vote (Voting is in the dark box in the upper left. You must disable Firefox noscript addon in order to see it.)

Title: Danger’s Kiss
Author: Sarah McKerrigan
Trailer Producer: Richard Campbell
Genre: Historical Romance


Danger’s Kiss is sort of a Sheriff of Nottingham meets The Artful Dodger adventure in which Nicholas Grimshaw, upstanding officer of the law, living happily alone in his thatched cottage, makes the mistake of taking mercy upon a beautiful scam artist by the name of Desiree and, instead of hanging her for her thievery, indentures her as his servant.

Sleight of hand and sleight of heart ensue as the two clash over what’s right versus what’s just, and moral lines become blurred as lawman and outlaw fall recklessly in love.

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