StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Beta Balance Update #10

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Blizzard Entertainment deployed some balance updates to Heart of the Swarm beta, and need your feedback on these changes. The Zerg Infestor got a bit of a buff up including the radius of its Fungal Growth.

The Terran Medivac + Marines strategy might have to be tweaked a bit considering the Caduceus Reactor now requires a Fusion Core. The Caduceus Reactor allows Medivacs to have 25 energy already by the time it leaves the Starport. The Medivac’s heal ability heals 3 health per 1 energy.

Protoss players have to hold their Stalkers a bit longer now that the Blink ability takes an additional 30 seconds to research — from 140 sec up to 170 sec.

Hey everyone,

We will be bringing the beta down at 2:00 p.m. PST this afternoon to make the balance changes listed below. Thanks again for all the great feedback you’ve provided while testing Heart of the Swarm. We hope to see you testing these changes and sharing your input soon!



  • The Caduceus Reactor upgrade now requires a Fusion Core before research can begin.

Widow Mine

  • Sentinel Missiles Primary target damage reduced from 160 to 125.



  • Blink: Research time increased from 140 to 170 seconds.



  • Fungal Growth: Range increased from 8 to 10. Missile speed increased from 10 to 15.


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