MTV - Wow # 1 DC Comics Book Preview

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MTV Multiplayer Blog posted preview images of 5-pages from the World of Warcraft # 1 comic book from DC Comics. Now you can view artwork and dialogues from the comic book.  Walter Simonson offers a few words about his work as a writer of this project.  Thanks, ScrollsofLore.

Stay tuned for our Q&A with Walter Simonson in upcoming days.  I sent a batch of 30 questions to him.

Simonson said the comic will be “very much tied to the lore and to the ‘Warcraft’ history.” “If you’re a longtime player, I think the comic is a revelation about some of the mysteries,” he explained. “There are mysteries from the past that have never been totally addressed within the game, or at least we’re able to address them in the comic in a way that the game hasn’t been able to.”

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