For those who missed going to Blizzcon, watching the GIGA live stream or the YouTube videos, Nethaera has wrapped up most of the Northrend xpac lore details.

Nethaera: “The mages of Dalaran have invoked powerful forces of magic to relocate Dalaran to Northrend to push forward their battle against the Scourge and to face the menace Malygos and the blue dragonflight pose for them.

I thought I’d interject that Chris Metzen mentioned at the Lore panel that the move of Dalaran has been a part of the plan for a long long while. This wasn’t a sudden change. The Kirin Tor have been hard at work with their plans and not just holed up in safety all this time.

Malygos has been a bit ‘absent’ for awhile now after his fight with Deathwing. He’s regaining his senses and isn’t pleased that little mortal magic users are running amok tossing around fireballs and frostbolts. He intends to rectify this oversight and start killing off mages (he remembers the last time magic was rampant). Apparently, the fine folk in Dalaran don’t like the idea of a big blue dragon executing them wholesale. Alexstrasza doesn’t seem to care for this either and we will be seeing the red dragonflight getting involved.”