Icecrown Quest: From Whence They Came

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If you are among the fans who hesitate whether to buy the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, I really wish these videos give you a glimpse into the new solo quest mechanics implemented throughout all regions of northrend. The new tools offer interesting mechanics through a new interface that replaces the cumbersome pet bar.

In today’s video, you can watch three of the quests found in Icecrown Glacier at level 80.  The three quests can be found on the outdoors at the Shadow Vault (your Ebon Blade Inn – northwest on the map). It is a fun quest. Especially due to the topography of the Weeping Quarry area (where skeletons work day and night to mine saronite ore).  The Concept / Environment Artist excelled designing this place. If I was a Film Director, I would choose this place for a Superman film as the location for the Fortress of Solitude. That’s the vibe I feel when questing in the area for its irregular shape with tall blocks of different sizes fused with short ramps. You are able to control a Undead Shade, using its special abilities to complete three quests:

  • From Whence They Came consists of going into the Weeping Quarry to banish 10 Scourge crystals back to where they were summoned from, using the special channeled ability: Banish Scourge Crystal.
  • An Undead’s Best Friend: Use the Feeding Hungering Plaguehound ability to throw a poisoned meat at them.  It will set them to sleep. They can detect your ethereal Shade from a fair distance. You would want to sleep them and be alert. They patrol back and forth throughout the Weeping Quarry. The ability has a 35 yard range and a 4 sec cooldown. You have to sleep 18 Hungering Plaguehounds.
  • Honor is for the Weak: consists of sneaking behind a Restless Lookout (Ghoul) to assassinate them in one shot, using the special ability. It gotta be a quick job. Otherwise they can aggro, making it difficult to kill since the ability only works from behind. It is an instant 7 yard range ability.  You must kill 20 of them.  If you run into trouble, use the Dephase ability (Shift out of the normal world, temporarily exiting combat and increasing movement speed for 10 sec. Instant. 1 minute cooldown).

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