Florida Attorney General Subpoena against IGE

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Wired informs the Florida Attorney General’s Office of Economic Crimes has issued a class action subpoena to gold-seller IGE and Affinity Media as part of an investigation under the Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. Hopefully, this time they get nerfed in real-life too. (read more)

The subpoena seeks financial and sales information, the identity of specific World of Warcraft accounts owned or controlled by IGE, the identity of World of Warcraft accounts that IGE has power leveled, and the IP addresses IGE used to log into World of Warcraft to distribute products sold by IGE. The subpoena also seeks documents which show all websites owned or controlled by IGE or its affiliates at any time.—quote by Massively.

The Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum website

To join the Class Action fill the form over at Newsome Law Firm.

Who needs gold selling anyway.  Blizzard Entertainment has implemented measures to make gold selling very difficult if not pointless in World of Warcraft.  By 2008, Patch 2.4 will introduce a 25 Daily Quests limit giving players a steady influx of nearly 300 gold per day.

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