Fake Beta Warnings

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In the past weeks I have come across a few scams you should be aware of. One is a bot on Battle.net announcing a Starcraft 2 Beta download.  It is fake and it may install malware or trojans on your computer.  The other scam is the Wrath of the Lich King beta leak … it is also fake.

If any Blizzard game beta starts it will be on the front page of Blizzard.com, posted by Community Managers on the official forums or posted on every major fansite. Don’t fall for it. Keep your computer and account secure.

If the fake beta come via email, even if the header says @blizzard.com make sure the links in such email goes to blizzard.com or worldofwarcraft.com—- some scams would link to unknown URLs that show an exact copy of the World of Warcraft account login webpage to lure you to give away your personal account info.

Check out what security vendor Trend Micro says at the following article concerning Wrath of the Lich King beta scams.

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