Hot from the oven! Blizzplanet contacted Upper Deck Entertainment’a Associate Marketing Manager Anna Maria Mannino to get some feedback concerning the new and exciting World of Warcraft TCG loot cards.  Upper Deck and Blizzard Entertainment give fans the opportunity to get a free loot card code for testing purposes only available to you on the Public Test Realms (PTR).

“During the patch 2.4.3 testing process, we’d like to provide players
with the unique opportunity to acquire a few rare promotional items! We
encourage any players on the PTR to visit Landro Longshot in Booty Bay
to redeem the following items:

  • Path of Illidan – Code 1111
  • Disco Ball – Code 2222
  • Ethereal companion – Code 3333

All you need to do is input the above codes when visiting Landro, and
that’s it!

Please note that this give-away pertains solely to the Public Test

Simply copy your character here, then download and install the PTR 2.4.3 client. It is just 11.8 MB file size.

Ethereal Soul-Trader

You click an item in your inventory to summon this Ethereal Soul-Trader.  He will be a pet companion following you even while mounting.  He runs pretty fast when you are mounting. He will be to your side until you dismiss him. The Ethereal offers a tutorial on how to use his services. You can’t sell items to this vendor pet. He sells a few special items that require Ethereal Credits.  To obtain Ethereal Credits simply summon this pet.  Kill anything that yields experience (XP).  When the mob dies, he will cast on the corpse absorbing its soul. An Ethereal Credit will automatically be placed in your bag inventory. When you gather the amount required you can buy the item from the Ethereal Soul-Trader. A good place to farm credits if you are level 67-70 is the Warden’s Cage in Shadowmoon Valley.  Each satyr has two small imp companions.  That’s three Ethereal Credits.


A rotating disco ball springs out of a chest.  Disco lights rotate around the chest, and a goblin disco music plays for a few seconds.  When players click the disco ball they automatically start dancing.

Illidan’s Path

You get one stack of 100 Illidan’s Path. When you walk, a fel energy trail is visually seen behind you.

World of Warcraft TCG: The Hunt for Illidan Loot Cards from Medievaldragon on Vimeo