Diablo 3 Forum on Battle.net ?

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A Diablo Fan submitted a very interesting heads up … think what you will …

Usually when you type a wrong URL path in the Battle.net forums URL, it would automatically redirect you to the main list of Battle.net forums.  That’s a very common behavior. Right?  However, if you type d3-general in the URL you are getting a very unique and intriguing behavior by the server.  It instead redirects you to a page that says the Forums are down … as if the server is acknowledging that a Diablo 3 Forum does exist.

Below is the message heads up as I received it with the links to proof what’s is going on.

(Diablo 3 Battle.Net forum) redirects to battle.net/FORUMS/error.shtml—which says “The Battle.net Forums Are Currently Down Please try again later.”

Unlike other links with game variations, if you type war4 or sc3 you get a different message. 

((Warcraft 4 Battle.Net forum))  and (Starcraft 3 Battle.Net forum) … they redirect to:

Are Battle.net web developers setting up a Diablo 3 forum?

Thanks for the heads up, Macready

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