Diablo 3 - Diii.net Interviews Ben Boos

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Diabloii.net interviewed Ben Boos—Diablo II artist, to get his opinion after the announcement of Diablo III. His comments filled with thrill reveal how much he loves what he saw in the gameplay video, specially the destructible environments.

Diii.net: What do you think of the look of D3? Is it similar in tone/mood/theme to the game you envisioned and worked on at Blizzard North? There has been quite a bit of debate about the graphics, with many players complaining that it’s too bright cartoon/rainbow-colored.

Ben Boos: I thought Diablo 3 looked fantastic.

As for the tone: A comparison of D1 to D2 comes to mind. I remember plowing ahead and making those green pastures and meadows in D2, and thinking after the fact, oops! The original Diablo was so dark and moody; did I screw up the atmosphere? Then I went and made the bright desert wasteland, and the same potential problems cropped up. But it all worked out in my opinion, because we were able to take the player underground, and to various darker environments. Therefore, I think you can’t judge the atmosphere of D3 from a short demo. Who knows what incredible sights await the player of Diablo 3?

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