Diablo 3 Art Direction Update: Not Going Back

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MTV interviewed Diablo 3 Lead Designer Jay Wilson to discuss the online petition to change the art direction of the game. To this Wilson said they are not going back. There are many reasons for that. The Diablo 2 light radius worked well with 2D artwork. However, on a 3D engine that dark gothic feel is not so easy to mimic, and could in the long term not be wise to do.  Diablo 3 was revealed to offer Hundreds of hours of gameplay.

“There’s no going back now,” he said during an interview in a Manhattan hotel where Blizzard was showcasing their newest games. “We’re very happy with how the art style is. The art team’s happy. The company’s happy. We really like this art style, and we’re not changing it.”—said Jay Wilson, Diablo III Lead Designer.

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