I know everyone wishes to know what happened on Friday.  The site was down. Apologies for the downtime yesterday.  With the Beta Servers shutting down yesterday, and curiosity of non-beta testers about the Beta Finale screenshots and video, plus headlines at Shacknews, Bluesnews, Ngacn.com (China) and Wowinsider.com – we were hit with too many visits per minute, frying our connection.  This was serverwide.  Our hosting, Azzor Network, was affected as well.

With things going back to normal, and fans returning to grind gold in preparation for their Flying mount, hopefully you may be able to browse through the Beta Finale screenshots without the serious downtime suffered yesterday.  Enjoy!

On another note, I emailed all the questions gathered from the Community to Christie Golden concerning World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde and her upcoming Starcraft: The Dark Templars trilogy. Stay tuned for the announcement of the interview’s outcome.  She is currently in Australia, writing the Starcraft trilogy.