Burning Crusade: Netherstorm Video

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Netherstorm is the region opened recently in Closed Beta.  Tempest Keep dungeon is located in this region.  This zone is pretty dark, with a purple haze, and stormy with lightning.  Through the region are few Mana Forges syphoning mana from the sky—which is the Twisting Nether itself. The pipes of all the Mana Forges lead to Tempest Keep – which is only reachable with flyng mounts at level 70.  I am still level 68. Netherstorm has a Goblin station named Area 52 with a flight master. There are many Eco-domes through the floating isles of Netherstorm built by the mysterious alien race, the Ethereals. These race seems made of mana or energy and bandage their body with wrappings. Their technology is impressive. You can see a sneak peek of Netherstorm region in our video below.

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