Burning Crusade Bestiary Update

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Blizzard updated the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Bestiary page with two new creatures:  The Ogre Lords and the Fungal Giants.  The Fungal Giants live at the Zangarmarsh – similar to swamp of sorrows with spores and mushrooms where poisonous creatures lurk in the shadows. Rumors are that Zangarmarsh will have an instance where players will battle Lady Vashj.  As for the Ogre Lords, the supplied backstory ties them as the link between Ogres and the Gronns ancestry.

Ogre Lords: “It is believed that the massive, cyclopean gronn are the ancient ancestors of the ogres. If so, the ogre lords of Outland are the only ogres known to retain some of the physical traits of their gronn progenitors, such as the bony, calcified protrusions on their head and back, as well as a portion of the gronn’s immense size and strength. Other unique characteristics possessed by the ogre lords are their intelligence and reasoning abilities, which are more acute than those of their ogre cousins. This combination of brute strength and increased intellect make the ogre lords worthy of both respect… and fear.”

Fungal Giants: “The unique gases and nutrient-enriched soil of Zangarmarsh have given rise to a wondrous, diverse wetland ecology. The marsh’s fungal giants stand as a prime example of the habitat’s remarkable fauna. Though relatively non-aggressive, these lumbering behemoths are savagely efficient at dispatching their adversaries when provoked. They feed on other native swamp creatures, as well as any Lost Ones unlucky enough to stray too close to the giants’ beloved hideaways.”

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