Burning Crusade: 30 Screenshots of Azuremyst Island

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Draiken was roaming the plains of Azuremist Island as a Draenei after waking up from a few weeks stasis sleep, healing after the crash of Exodar in the northwestern region of Kalimdor. After initiating his adventures taking instructions from NPCs to search for surviving escape pods, you are welcomed by horrors … mutated creatures that have been affected by the Exodar crystals that were shattered off Exodar as it crashed down upon the island.  It is your duty to take the poor creatures out of their misery.

However, there are other more interesting quests leading you to the Furbolg Hold, or Human ships near the shores greeting you. A strange sight to see is a Gnome tagged as Envoy of Mekkatorque.  Why has Mekkatorque from Gnomeregan sent a brigade all the way to Azuremyst? Things will be revealed hopefully to make sense. Check out 30 screenshots of Azuremyst island and the Exodar.

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