There are three pending interviews in Blizzplanet.  Two have arrived, and will be live soon. No ETA.
1. Walter Simonson (DC Comics)
2. Vangie Gunn (Lament of the Highborne Soprano)
3. Christie Golden

Christie Golden confirmed she will be writing a Warcraft trilogy nearing 2009. I am waiting for some Blizzcon screenshots to put the interview together. She answered questions about Starcraft: The Dark Templar book two: Shadow Hunters.

Vangie Gunn will share with us anecdotes while recording Lament of the Highborne at Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters (Irvine, CA), her experience at Blizzcon, previous and current works; and some of her personal life.

Walter Simonson answered nearly 30 questions submited by World of Warcraf fans. I have them already, but I held it pending DC Comics review. Other Wow comic book interviews have been shorter.  Fans have the ability to ask daring questions. Hopefully all the questions get the Ok.