Blizzplanet Review: World of Warcraft Vol. 1 Hardcover

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The World of Warcraft Vol. 1 Hardcover has been on sale for a while. It complies 8-chapters of the ongoing World of Warcraft comic book series including the BlizzCon 2007 exclusive Prologue issue and the first arc (issues# 1-7). DC Comics / Wildstorm shipped a review copy my way. I already have them as single issues. I subscribed on July 2007 and continue receiving the single issues. However, I wanted to see by myself the World of Warcraft Vol. 1 Hardcover.

For those wondering what it is, what’s inside and the materials it is made of, you can read my review. If you are into lore or wish to get started, I recommend this book to get you started with the ongoing comic book series that features the adventures of Varian Wrynn, King of Stormwind right after his kidnapping during the Missing Diplomat WoW quests, and his escape from Alcaz Island.

  • Review: World of Warcraft Vol. 1 Hardcover

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