Just talked with Draiken.  His flight is leaving the east coast at 3pm today Thursday.  He will be arriving Anaheim, California by the evening. His friend Scott lives nearby and will host Draiken and assist the BlizzCon event together.

Draiken will be updating Blizzplanet with news, images and video as often as he can.  So make sure to check out any updates.

Draiken will meet up with Richard A. Knaak, Christie Golden, Jim Lee, Upper Deck, Fantasy Flight Games, and our friendly Blizzard CMs and Starcraft and Wow Developers.

Did I mention all this will be on video?

Upper Deck was very interested on meeting Blizzplanet, and Draiken is an avid TCG Player, so expect some cool questions.

We are asking Richard A. Knaak about the material he is promoting and upcoming novels such as Wow: Night of the Dragon, the Burning Crusade Manga, and the Diablo: The Sin War third book due October.

Christie Golden will talk about her Starcraft: The Dark Templar trilogy.

Jim Lee and the DC Team will have to spill the beans on some details of the World of Warcraft Comic book for which he is penciling the front cover of the first six issues.

Draiken will be sneaking into the Fantasy Flight Games booth to find out everything about the Starcraft: The Board Game, the Burning Crusade expansion for the Wow: The Board Game, and the new Wow: The Adventure Game.

Draiken will also report details of the World of Warcraft Film.