Blizzplanet Alert

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If you experience some lag while visiting Blizzplanet or find blank pages, it is alright.  We are aware of this.  Try to hit “Enter” two or three times until you get through.  There are many visitors crowding at once.

Right now Blizzard Entertainment is linking to three of our interviews. is linking to our Q&A with Luke Johnson concerning the new World of Warcraft RPG Books by White Wolf Publishing. is also linking to our recent Q&A with Upper Deck Entertainment concerning the upcoming World of Warcraft Trading Cards Game (TCG).

The Official Starcraft Compendium Website is also linking to our Public Chat invitation.  We will have a Public Q&A on IRC chat with Aaron Rosenberg to discuss his current project STARCRAFT: QUEEN OF BLADES—read more details of the Q&A to take place on Saturday, February 18 at 4pm EST.

Blizzard is also linking to a Molten Core Guide and Rogue Guide by Azzor—our Host. They are optimizing the MySQL connections to help digest the large amount of visitors.

So basically both sites are hosted in the same server and are getting hammered. We hope you enjoy Azzor and Blizzplanet Content, Lore and Interviews. And thanks to Blizzard for some lovely-love.

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