Blizzplanet Blue Tracker For Our Mobile App Offline

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in BlizzPlanet Site News

Apologies to those who follow us through the Blizzplanet App (iPhone/iPad and Mobile Android). We know many of you love the Blizzard Blue Post tracker, a new feature introduced a few months ago (by Mith), as the app page’s feedback says.

However, a few days ago prior to the launch of Cataclysm, Blizzard officially launched the new World of Warcraft website, and their forum coding changed some. After I alerted Mith, he tweaked it to continue providing the Blue Tracker service to our mobile visitors, but within a few minutes Blizzard Web Team changed the coding again. Mith determined it was a sign the Web Team was still running maintenance.

The Blue Tracker will be back in a few days once we are sure everything is settled.

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