Blackthorne – Mine – Level 1

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After the cinematic intro, Kyle Blackthorne spawns in a cave or mine in Tuul. In this level, Kyle gets six Hover Bombs and one Heal Potion. You start from left to right. Use the Hover Bombs to blow the metal doors. Be careful not to throw the bombs standing close to the door as it may damage Kyle.

There is only one Grag’ohr (Goblin) in this part of the floor. Kyle has the ability to dodge incoming shots. Simply hold down the “UP” arrow, and Kyle will permanently hide (gray out) out of bullet range. Even when you make Kyle shoot, my trick is to always keep the “UP” button up even while shooting so that Kyle goes back to “Dodge” mode automatically after shooting. Keep that trick in mind for the entire game.

There are many Grag’ohr throughout the game. Four colors: Green, Red (Medium), Purple (Hard, but drops two items) and Blue (Hardest). However, there is another variety. Those who shoot and dodge you by hidding. And those who do not dodge, and instead cock their shotgun.

The first Grag’ohr is the cock shotgun type. Shoot him after he cocks his shotgun.

Go up the stairs and exit at the doorway on the third floor by pressing the “UP” arrow while standing in the middle of the door. Kyle will enter and walk through the door. Note: Kyle can’t enter these doors while carrying the shotgun. Press “S” to sheath the shotgun. Then hit the “UP” arrow to enter the door.

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A new screen appears. Kyle navigates from the right of the screen toward the left. Dispatch the Grag’ohr (Goblin). Usually these shoot one, two, three or four times randomly. Shoot him when he is cocking the shotgun’s mechanism from left-to-right.

Press the Page Up button or the Page Down button to browse through your inventory. Select a Hover Bomb. Throw it at the metal door to destroy it. Move to the next room.

Immediately, press the “UP” arrow to dodge (hide). There is a Grag’ohr in the room across the cliff and he will shoot Kyle in a few seconds. Kill it. Stand on top of the bag he dropped. Press the “DOWN” arrow to pick it up. There is a Hover Bomb inside the bag. Then walk toward the edge of the cliff. Press the “Space Bar” button and Kyle will jump across. Keep moving toward the left.

At the next room, press the “UP” arrow when you reach the wall to climb it. From the edge, throw a Hover Bomb at the metal door. Now you have access to the elevator.

Press the “UP” button to activate the elevator. The Mine (Level 1) is finished. The Game is saved.

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