What if — Blackthorne in Heroes of the Storm

I began to chart a walkthrough of Blackthorne as you might have noticed in the right menu’s video game content listing. So far charted three levels of the Mines of Androth zone.

It’s a fun game and a bit hard to master — especially when there is no map except your mind to remember where to go. My walkthrough helps a bit because I added a large PNG image where I mapped out every single room of each level.

I uploaded three videos so far into my YouTube channel. One fan by the name Georg Veramme posted the following: “I hope Blackthorne will be in Heroes of the storm…”

That hit like a brick to my jaw. Whoa? Could that be the reason Blizzard Entertainment decided to launch a free download of Blackthorne a week before BlizzCon? So that newcomers play the game and get acquainted with the character: Kyle Vlaros (aka Blackthorne). Wouldn’t it be nice if Kyle was one of the Heroes of the Storm characters? The Lost Vikings? All-out MOBA-style.


Blackthorne – Keyboard Controls

The Blackthorne keyboard controls allow the player to move left, right, up or down. There are a few other keybinds to perform other functions such as running, shooting and cycling through the inventory. Find out how to download Blackthorne for free.

Left arrowWalk left
Right arrowWalk right
Up arrowdodge, talk, climb
Down arrowcrouch, pick up
DHold down to run
FShoot or hold down to shoot non-stop
RShoot backwards or behind you
PGive up?: Yes or No
EUse item in inventory
SDraw or sheathe weapon
ESC buttonMain Menu
Page up & [ button cycle up the inventory
Page Down & ] buttoncycle down the inventory
Windows KeyThe button between CTRL & ALT will minimize window to access the desktop

Blizzard Entertainment Releases Blackthorne as a Free Download

In celebration of Halloween, Blizzard Entertainment has released the classic platform shooter video game Blackthorne (1994) for free as a digital download. Visit your Battle.net Account page and head over to the Download Game Clients section (USA|Europe). Browse down to the Classic Games section to download the Blackthorne game.


The game was originally published by MacPlay/Interplay Productions, Inc. Blizzard Entertainment purchased the rights Blackthorne, Lost Vikings and Rock’N Roll Racing a few years ago and republished them for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.



It is highly curious to see Blizzard release this game barely a week away from BlizzCon 2013.

It could be nothing, but … considering Blizzard created the Hearthstone team for Free-to-Play games, what if Blizzard was preparing to announce a Blackthorne game sequel or a different type of genre based on it? Or … what if this surprising release is heralding a new novel based on Blackstorne? Ok … Ok. Just hopeless speculation.


I have spent several hours playing Blackstorne for the first time. It reminds me so much of “Flashback”, a similar platform genre.

Blackthorne is simple, yet a bit troublesome to master. It still has the addictive element of all Blizzard games. Long levels with puzzles. The hardest part for me has been to key the long jumps that usually result into my character falling to its death, but practice makes you better; or timing when to shoot — especially killing the guys with the small pistols isn’t easy. Everything else is just cool to play through and figure out your way to the next level.

Check out the Keyboard Controls.

Blackthorne – Mines of Androth – Level 4

There is a red Grag’ohr in the room when the elevator goes up from the previous level.

Dodge immediately by holding down the “D” key. Time the third shot when he will begin to reload and kill him. Loot his HOVER BOMB.

Above you will notice a door on high ground, and a green shirt prisoner. That room will be accessible later when you get a LEVITATOR.


In the next room, hold down the UP ARROW key immediately to dodge the Whar’ork and his whip. Press the PAGE UP key to browse through your inventory. Select the HOVER BOMB and throw it. Loot his BRIDGE KEY.

Prisoner # 1 says: “Curse this terrible life.

Climb the wall. There Prisoner # 2 says: “Have you seen my brothers? They are hiding.” Climb the wall up to the higher ground. Stand around the middle. Hold the “D” button to run, and press the SPACE BAR to long jump across the pit to the other side.


The next room has a red Grag’ohr and a spider mine. Spider mines can’t be shot. Only HOVER BOMBS or other type of bombs may destroy them, but that’s a waste of resources. Instead, hold down the UP ARROW key to dodge and hide. Shoot the red Grag’ohr whenever you have an opportunity.


You will find now a keyhole. Stand on top of it and press the UP ARROW to automatically make use of the BRIDGE KEY. The bridge will extend, allowing Kyle to walk to the next side of the room. Position Kyle beneath the high ground’s ledge. Press the UP ARROW key to climb up.


The green-shirt prisoner# 3 says: “I’m so hungry.” Stand on the ledge next to him and press the DOWN ARROW key to climb down. At the bottom, stand in the middle of the waterfall. There is a hidden room behid the waterfall. Press the UP ARROW key to enter through the door.


In the hidden room, you will find a switch plate on the ground. Make sure to jump to avoid triggering the turret gun.

Use a HOVER BOMB to destroy the metal door, and talk to the two prisoners. The green-shirt prisoner #5 will give you a BRIDGE KEY. He says: “Have you seen our brother?

Kyle responds: “Yes, he is working in the mines.

Prisoner: “Thank you. Take this key.

Kyle: “Thank you, friend.

The red-shirt prisoner #6 gives Kyle a HEALTH POTION.

Prisoner: “You must be the chosen one. Take this potion.

Kyle: “Thank you, friend.


Exit the Hidden Room. Climb the right side of the pit. Stand a short distant east of the green-shirt prisoner # 3. Hold down the “D” key to run, then press jump as you reach the ledge to long jump across the pit.


The next room has two spider mines on patrol-mode. Hold down the UP ARROW key to dodge/hide against the wall to let the spider mine walk past Kyle. Then move toward the ladder.

Kyle can’t go down the ladder while carrying the shotgun so hit the “S” key or the “D” key to sheathe the weapon.

Press the DOWN ARROW key to let Kyle climb down the ladder.

As soon as Kyle hits the floor press the UP ARROW key to dodge. When the red Grag’ohr shoots three times and begins to reload press the “F” key to shoot.

Loot the HOVER BOMB from him. Go back up the ladder by pressing the UP ARROW.

Press the UP ARROW to dodge the next spider mine. Don’t rush out to the west. There is a pit and Kyle might fall.


Hold down the UP ARROW key to dodge. As you can see on the other side of the room across the pit there is a red Grag’ohr that will shoot Kyle in a couple of seconds. Kill it.

Stand on the ledge and press the DOWN ARROW key to fall on top of the LEVITATOR.

Press the PAGE UP key to browse your inventory. Pick a HOVER BOMB. Jump down off the LEVITATOR and throw the HOVER BOMB at the Whar’ork before he hits Kyle with the whip. He won’t drop loot. Go back and loot the LEVITATOR that’s on the right side. You will need it later.

The Prisoner # 4 says: “If only I could steal a LEVITATOR.


Now go all the way back to the first room of Level 4 — by the elevator. You will notice above you a narrow shaft. Stand beneath and experiment. Press the PAGE UP key to browse the inventory and pick the LEVITATOR. Press the “E” key to use the LEVITATOR. Press the UP ARROW to extend up the LEVITATOR. See if you can now climb the higher ground. Otherwise keep placing the LEVITATOR in another spot until you can climb.

Prisoner #7 says: “UNNNNG” — not very talkative. Might be the chains and the hunger. Good ol’ Kyle doesn’t seem to offer any food nor breaks his chains oddly. Rant aside, go down and enter the doorway.


Once on the other side, there is a gray-shirt prisoner# 8. Walk next to him to trigger a conversation.

Prisoner: Word travels fast of your deeds to defeat Sarlac. Take this weapon friend. It was stolen from a guard. It is more powerful than what you are carrying.

Kyle: I will remember those that helped in Sarlac’s defeat. Farewell.

The room to the right has prisoner #9. All he says is “Curse Sarlac!

Don’t bother going east. At the bottom of the pit is a laser field that won’t let you move forward.


In the previous image, you may see how the pit looks like on the west side. By the prisoner #8, head west. Stand by the ledge, but don’t climb down. Jump across the pit. There you can climb down the pit safely.

At the bottom, there is a red Grag’ohr. Chances are Prisoner #10 will die when you press the UP ARROW to dodge his bullets. This one has no loot.

In case you wonder, Prisoner #10 says: “I am so hungry.” Poor soul doesn’t even suspect he’s about to get shot for you.


Next room has another red Grag’ohr. In the image below you can see Prisoner #11. Dispatch the red Grag’ohr. He has no loot. Stand near the doorway, hold down the “D” key to run, and press the SPACE BAR to long jump across the pit. Don’t bother climbing down that pit. There is nothing.


The next room has two pits, so be careful. These pits can be jumped normally without running. There is nothing neither pit. Don’t bother going up the ladder. That Whar’ork has no loot, and the Prisoner # 11 doesn’t provide any loot either.

Prisoner #11 says: “Curse this terrible life.


Press the UP ARROW key in the next room. There is a Grag’ohr across the bridge about to shoot Kyle. Kill it. Stand by the keyhole mechanism and press the UP ARROW key to use the BRIDGE KEY.

No need to climb down the pit. There is nothing in there. Loot the IRON KEY from the dead red Grag’ohr. Now head back east all the way until you find the Laser Field blocking the path.


The next room has a purple Grag’hor. These are a bit harder than the green and red ones. After killing it, you have two options. Long jump across the bridge, or climb down, then climb up the other side. There is nothing in the pit below.

For some reason the BRIDGE KEY was used in the previous LASER FIELD, and now the bridge can’t be activated. Might be a bug Blizzard hasn’t fixed. Don’t forget to loot the dead purple Grag’hor. He has two bags which contain two REMOTE WASP. Climb down and head east. Don’t rush in. There is a LASER FIELD.


The IRON KEY will open the next LASER FIELD. Stand by the keyhole mechanism and press the UP ARROW key to disable it.

Once the LASER FIELD is disabled — WARNING: there is a bug here that hasn’t been fixed. Don’t jump down or Kyle dies. The bug makes Kyle fall a long pit and die.

Press the PAGE UP key to browse your inventory and select the REMOTE WASP to destroy the GENERATOR.


Go back to the previous room, and climb up the area where the purple Grag’ohr is by pressing the UP ARROW key.

The LASER FIELD there was already disabled so you can now continue to navigate east.

The next room is the exit where you meet up with Galadril.


Galadril: Kyle, it is good to see you again.

Kyle: Who are you?

Galadril: I am Galadril. Don’t you remember me?

Kyle: Was it you who sent me to Earth?

Galadril: Yes. And it was I who brought you back. Your destiny is at hand. You must find the seer, Onehand. If you fail in your quest all will be lost. I will help you as best I can. Go with speed.

Walkthrough Map



Blackthorne – Mines of Androth – Level 3

1. On the third level, climb down the pit next to the entrance. There is a HEAL POTION.

2. The second prisoner says: “If I could steal a LEVITATOR.” This is a queue. Look at the top-left of the room. There is a doorway only accessible with a LEVITATOR.

3. The next room has a red Grag’ohr. Hold down the UP arrow button to dodge his hover bomb and incoming gunshots. Loot his BRIDGE KEY. Jump the elevator shaft, but don’t climb down. It is a long fall. The next room has a prisoner and a keyhole to activate the bridge. The prisoner hints what to do: “I’m looking for the elevator call switch.” Don’t enable the bridge yet. Stand on the far edge of the room, hold down “D” to run and jump across the pit. Climb down. There is a HEAL POTION visible in the pit when you climb down. Climb up, stand on the leftmost edge, hold down “D” and jump across. Use the BRIDGE KEY to enable the bridge. In the middle of the waterfall you might see the silhouette of a doorway. Press the UP arrow to enter the hidden room.

4. In the hidden room, talk to the prisoner. He will give you a HEAL POTION: “Free at last! Take this potion, brother.” The bag on the ground contains a HOVER BOMB. Stand on the switch. Press the UP arrow to activate the switch. Remember the elevator shaft? The elevator is now up. Before you leave the bridge area, press the UP arrow on the keyhole next to the bridge to pick up the BRIDGE KEY. You’ll need the key later. Head east toward the ELEVATOR.

5. The ELEVATOR will stop on the second floor. However, press the DOWN arrow button to move the elevator to the third floor down. Head west. The prisoner there says: “Save yourself while there is still time.” There is a green Grag’ohr in that room. Hold down the UP arrow button to dodge his bullets. Wait until he reloads or time it to shoot on his third bullet right before he begins to reload. Loot his HOVER BOMB.

6. In the next room, there is another prisoner: “Bridge Keys can be reused in any bridge.” The next room has a switch plate on the floor. Don’t step on it. You can press the SPACE BAR to jump over it. The Switch Plate enables a turret gun that will shoot Kyle. Climb up the stairs to the second floor.

7. Next room has two green Grag’ohr. You will loot a HOVER BOMB and a HEAL POTION from them. If the prisoner dies, don’t worry. He says: “Someday our people will be safe.” Climb up the stair.

8. This room has a purple Grag’ohr all the way in the upper floor. There is a blue Whar’ork with a whip too. Don’t climb up at all. Don’t waste bombs on it either. It doesn’t drop any loot. The prisoner says: “If only I could escape.” Simply walk west all the way until you reach a wall. Press the PAGE UP button to browse your inventory. Select a HOVER BOMB. Now climb up and hold down the UP arrow button to dodge his whip. Time releasing the UP arrow button and press “E” to throw the HOVER BOMB at the Whar’ork right after his whip goes off. It dies in one hit. Loot a HOVER BOMB from him.

9. On the upper level to the left is a prisoner who says: “Guns are heavily armored but can be destroyed.”

10. The next room has the purple Grag’ohr you saw earlier on the upper floor. You will loot two REMOTE WASP from him. You can either walk back from where you came, or use one of the REMOTE WASP to take out the Whar’ork. Return all the way back to the ELEVATOR. Don’t go up with the ELEVATOR. Move east instead. However, press the UP arrow button immediately after you go past the elevator.

11. There is a blue Whar’ork right in front of you. Dodge his whip ASAP. While you keep the UP ARROW button pressed, use the PAGE UP button to browse your inventory. Select the HOVER BOMB. Time it so that you release the UP ARROW button as he cracks his whip so that you are able to throw the HOVER BOMB at him. The prisoner here says: “If only I could get by the laser fields.”

12. The other prisoner says: “Someday our people will be free.” Press the PAGE UP button to browse your inventory. Pick the REMOTE WASP. Press “E”. You will see the REMOTE WASP hovering in front of Kyle. Use the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT ARROW keys to move the REMOTE WASP. You must aim it to go up the narrow shaft on the ceiling and hover it over the GENERATOR. Press “E” to detonate the REMOTE WASP. This generator was powering the LASER FIELD on the second floor. Head back toward the elevator, and go to the next floor up.

13. Press the UP ARROW button right after you go past the elevator room. There are two red Grag’ohr with guns. Chances are the prisoner will die. Don’t worry, he says: “Curse Sarlac!”. I’d say the same if two Grag’ohr shoot him when Kyle dodges the bullets and hit him instead. Oops! Let the one in front shoot first, then when the second one behind reloads his gun, shoot once. So on until both die. Loot the HOVER BOMB from one of them. The next room has a pit so don’t run or rush to the next room. Use the BRIDGE KEY by standing on the keyhole and pressing the UP ARROW button. The bridge will extend. Don’t bother exploring/climbing down the pit — Kyle falls to his death. At the end of the room is a metal door. Use a HOVER BOMB to destroy it. The next room has another large pit. Nothing in there. Just stand on the left side of the screen. Press the D button to run and the SPACE BAR to jump across the pit. Enter the doorway.

14. This hidden room has a vital item. The prisoner says: “Free from the duties of this storeroom. Thank you, friend. This items will aid in your quest. Please take them.” Kyle responds: “I wil use them wisely.” Loot the bags which contain two HOVER BOMBS. Loot the LEVITATOR by standing on it and pressing the DOWN ARROW button, then again until it appears in your inventory. It is a triangle device icon. Walk back all the way to the elevator. When you go past the BRIDGE, please — don’t forget to stand on the keyhole and press the UP ARROW button to loot back the BRIDGE KEY. Once on the elevator, press the UP ARROW button to go to the upper level. Head east until you reach the room with a doorway in a higher ground. Use the LEVITATOR to hover high enough to climb up into that higher ground. Enter the doorway.

15. The hidden room has a keyhole to activate the bridge. Walk across the bridge, and go down the ladder. Talk to the prisoner to obtain a HEAL POTION. The prisoner with red pants says: “Galadril waits for you in the upper catacombs. Take this potion to aid you. Kyle responds: “Thank you, friend.” Keep climbing down the wall and go down the ladder. Use a HOVER BOMB to destroy the metal door.

16. The next room has a red Grag’ohr. No loot here. Throw another HOVER BOMB at the next metal door. Press the UP ARROW button to dodge the Whar’ork’s whip. Time to release the UP ARROW button when he throws the whip. In the time he is reloading the whip, throw the HOVER BOMB at him. Enter the doorway. The next hidden room only shows an elevator shaft. Step on the elevator and press the UP ARROW button. That’s the exit.

Walkthrough Map

Hold down your mouse’s right-button and choose “Open in New Tab” to view the full-size image of the walkthrough map.



Blackthorne – Mines of Androth – Level 2

After the game is saved, Kyle enters the Mines of Androth Level 2. Talk to the Androthian prisoner. He gives you a tip: “To escape bombs it is better to avoid them than to be nimble.” Do exactly as he says. Before you move to the next room press “F” to draw your shotgun.


As soon as you move into the next room, there is a red Grag’ohr. These throw Hover Bombs that roll throughout the floor toward you. Move back to the previous room. Now that you assessed the situation, go back in. The white round bomb will come at you again. You can escape it by keeping the “UP” arrow button held down which makes you dodge the bomb. It goes past Kyle without detonating.

The red Grag’ohr will now proceed to shoot his shotgun. This type of Grag’ohr will cock his shotgun to reload after one or two shots. As soon as you see the shotgun’s reload animation, accompanied by a loud “PEEKICK” sound effect, shoot him. He usually dies in two shots. He will drop a bag. Step over the bag and press the “DOWN” arrow button to pick it up. It contains a Hover Bomb which goes into your inventory.


The image below shows the entire level 2 map. The player starts on the top-right corner of the image and moves from right to left. Keep moving left until you find the elevator. Move to the next room left of the elevator and kill the green Grag’ohr to reach the bag that is already on the floor. It has a heal potion. No need to keep moving forward because the path is locked by two laser doors. Go back to the elevator and press the Down arrow button to move the elevator.

You will find a red Grag’ohr throwing two Hover Bombs. Press the “UP” arrow to dodge them. Then wait until he shoots. Kill it. Press the “S” button to sheath away the shotgun, and press the UP button to enter the doorway.

This door takes you to another area unrelated to the previous one. Climb the wall, and go right. Talk to the prisoner. He gives you the following tip for the next monster: “If I only had a bomb I could escape the guard.” In the image below, the prisoner is #3.

Above, the blue guard is a different race: a Whar’ork. It resembles a goat with large horns. He carries a whip. They don’t have guns, but the whip is used to hit Kyle from a distance. Bullets won’t kill them, so use the Hover Bomb. The Whar’ork dies immediately. Make sure to step on the bag he drops and press the DOWN arrow button to pick it up. It contains a BRIDGE KEY.

Go back down, and jump across the hollow area you climbed from earlier. However, move just one step forward. Not a lot of space in the next room as the bridge is turned off.

Stand on the keyhole area, and use the PAGE UP button to browse through your inventory. Use the BRIDGE KEY to activate the bridge. With the bridge up, press and hold down “D” while moving left to run fast. There is no guards for the next few rooms. Reach the doorway after climbing a few times. Sheath your weapon and press UP to enter the door.

The next room has a chained prisoner with a green shirt. In the image below you can find it tagged as #5. Talk to him. He will give you a HOVER BOMB, and a tip: Destroy the GENERATOR to disable the laser doors. Climb the wall and use a HOVER BOMB to destroy the metal door.

The next prisoner tagged as #6 in the map below, talks about the laser doors.

Climb up the wooden shaft above Prisoner # 6. There is another prisoner who managed to slip something on the guard’s rations and knocked him out. There is a bag on the ground. Pick it up. It is a HOVER BOMB.

Use it to destroy the metal door. Careful. Behind the door is a red Grag’ohr. He throws a HOVER BOMB on the ground that rolls toward you.

Press the UP arrow to dodge it, and wait until the red Grag’ohr shoots first. As he reloads, time it and kill him. He drops a HOVER BOMB, but there was already a bag next to the door which contains a HEAL POTION.

Use the elevator, then throw a HOVER BOMB at the metal door. There is another red Grag’ohr behind the door. Loot his HOVER BOMB. Go up the ladder and throw the HOVER BOMB at the GENERATOR.

Both laser doors become disabled now. Go up the ladder, and climb once. No need to move to the right because that’s where you originally came from. Just jump across (where the skeleton hanging off chains is) and take the elevator.

That is the exit which ends Level 2. Game Progress is saved.

Note: Hold down the right-button and choose “Open in a New Tab” to view the full size. It is a huge map.



Blackthorne – Walkthrough

The Blackthorne game was published in 1994 for the Super Nintendo (SNES) and MS-DOS. In 1995 (Sega 32X). In 1996 (Mac) and 2003 for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). The levels throughout the game are not identified by name. Thus, for the purpose of writing the walkthrough I will catalog the levels by their zone tileset (i.e. Mine, Desert) and also by levels.

A level ends when the game progress is saved, for instance.

Blackthorne has 17 levels across four zones.

Mines of Androth

Karrellian Forests

Wasteland Desert

Sarlac’s Keep

Blackthorne – Mine – Level 1

After the cinematic intro, Kyle Blackthorne spawns in a cave or mine in Tuul. In this level, Kyle gets six Hover Bombs and one Heal Potion. You start from left to right. Use the Hover Bombs to blow the metal doors. Be careful not to throw the bombs standing close to the door as it may damage Kyle.

There is only one Grag’ohr (Goblin) in this part of the floor. Kyle has the ability to dodge incoming shots. Simply hold down the “UP” arrow, and Kyle will permanently hide (gray out) out of bullet range. Even when you make Kyle shoot, my trick is to always keep the “UP” button up even while shooting so that Kyle goes back to “Dodge” mode automatically after shooting. Keep that trick in mind for the entire game.

There are many Grag’ohr throughout the game. Four colors: Green, Red (Medium), Purple (Hard, but drops two items) and Blue (Hardest). However, there is another variety. Those who shoot and dodge you by hidding. And those who do not dodge, and instead cock their shotgun.

The first Grag’ohr is the cock shotgun type. Shoot him after he cocks his shotgun.

Go up the stairs and exit at the doorway on the third floor by pressing the “UP” arrow while standing in the middle of the door. Kyle will enter and walk through the door. Note: Kyle can’t enter these doors while carrying the shotgun. Press “S” to sheath the shotgun. Then hit the “UP” arrow to enter the door.

(Note: Place your mouse over the image below. Right-click and choose “Open in New Tab” for the full size.)


A new screen appears. Kyle navigates from the right of the screen toward the left. Dispatch the Grag’ohr (Goblin). Usually these shoot one, two, three or four times randomly. Shoot him when he is cocking the shotgun’s mechanism from left-to-right.

Press the Page Up button or the Page Down button to browse through your inventory. Select a Hover Bomb. Throw it at the metal door to destroy it. Move to the next room.

Immediately, press the “UP” arrow to dodge (hide). There is a Grag’ohr in the room across the cliff and he will shoot Kyle in a few seconds. Kill it. Stand on top of the bag he dropped. Press the “DOWN” arrow to pick it up. There is a Hover Bomb inside the bag. Then walk toward the edge of the cliff. Press the “Space Bar” button and Kyle will jump across. Keep moving toward the left.

At the next room, press the “UP” arrow when you reach the wall to climb it. From the edge, throw a Hover Bomb at the metal door. Now you have access to the elevator.

Press the “UP” button to activate the elevator. The Mine (Level 1) is finished. The Game is saved.

(Note: Place your mouse over the image below. Right-click and choose “Open in New Tab” for the full size.)



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