Argent Hippogryph Cost Update

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I have done the Argent Tournament daily quests almost since day one it was introduced.  Probably missed the first two or three days.  So far I have 125 Champion Seals, which means players who started from day one must have nearly 150 Champion Seals by now.  If I were you, I would hold on to those Champion Seals.  Blizzard has just confirmed that in the next minor patch they will reduce the cost of the Argent Hyppogryph to 150 Champion Seals (down from 250).  That’s definitely a good move.

The Argent Tournament is not yet over, there are plans for patch 3.2 in the near future, and the Argent Pavillion won’t be built yet by then, so there is still more room for growth and more daily quests.  At the current rate, 250 champion seals at a rate of only 5 seals a day is a very harsh task.  That’s 50 days worth of seals.  Nearly seven weeks.  I am really satisfied with the reduction to 150 champion seals.  Specially because it allows you to concentrate on collecting the faction pets, and later to go after the mounts. Rather than concentrating on just one item, and forget about the other ones because it is just plain not worth the effort. The more you get the more you invest time in it I say.  These pets are like Pokemon. Gotta have them all.

Blizzard Quote:
In order to better balance the cost of new rewards that we would like to add to the Argent Tournament, we will be changing the cost of the Argent Hippogryph flying mount in the next minor patch. These mounts will be reduced in cost from 250 Champion

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