With Blizzcon 2009 barely eight days away, the excitement and paranoia triple in anticipation.  I apologize in advance, but I can’t just ignore this one and let it slip.  While answering a question about the 310% Brood of Onyxia mount drop-rate, Zarhym may have slipped a hint about the upcoming expansion, or maybe not. Maybe it’s a stretch from my end.  Maybe it’s delirium with all the Blizzcon-driven ecstasy swirling through my mind at light’s speed. What do you think?

Blizzard Quote:
The drop rate will be extremely low. One day I will have it, though as soon as I loot it I’ll probably be struck by lightning on a sunny day and attacked by a shark, all while in the presumed comfort of my living quarters.
  • Struck by Lightning on a sunny day (The Maelstrom is a chaotic arcane storm—- in a sunny day.)
  • Shark?  (South Seas)

Translation: By the time you get to loot a Brood of Onyxia mount, you will probably be immersed in the South Seas expansion content****