Blizzard updated the Wrath of the Lich King website with a lot of good juice about the Deathknight. You can obtain a level 55 Death Knight that can either tank or DPS. The three talent trees are: Frost, Blood and Unholy. Distributing your talent points among those three will increase your abilities.

  • Blood: Talents in this tree focus on damage-dealing abilities. Blood Presence increases damage output by a percentage.
  • Frost: Talents in this tree focus on tanking abilities. Frost Presence increases threat and lowers damage taken by a percentage.
  • Unholy: Talents in this tree have a variety of functions including summons, diseases, and PvP-focused abilities. Unholy Presence increases attack speed and reduces the global cooldown on death knight abilities.

The Deathknight page also explains the rune system and three summoned creatures using the following class abilities: Raise Dead, Army of the Death and summon Deathcharger.

The new wallpaper features Arthas the Lich King wielding the Frostmourne blade.

A very exciting feature in this new expansion is that not only can you have heroic mode/normal mode options, you can now have the option to turn the same dungeon into a 10-players dungeon or a 25-players dungeon. this new game mechanic increases guild options; whether you are a casual or hardcore guild.

The new updates on the Wrath of the Lich King website reveals the introduction of siege weapons and a aerial combat system in various quests through your way to level 80. Read more: